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New data analysis suggests NASA and its partners may have discovered more cost-effective ways to deal with the worsening problem of space debris than previously thought
The space between the Earth and the Moon is going to become extremely crowded during the next 10 years. With NASA's planned missions in the Artemis program and other countries participating in the space race in this region, there is a lot of interest
They estimate that Pluto's ocean is, at most, about 8% denser than seawater on Earth, or about the same as the Great Salt Lake in Utah (but much less salty than the Dead Sea.
During NASA's Operation Artemis, astronauts will tour the moon. To prepare for this, the space agency is conducting a weeklong field experiment in the lunar-like landscape of the San Francisco Volcanic Field near Flagstaff, Arizona, to
A NASA astrophysicist has developed immersive simulations of a black hole using a supercomputer. These visuals illustrate two scenarios: a last-minute escape or crossing the event horizon and falling into the black hole
NASA's Juno spacecraft directly measured charged molecules of oxygen and hydrogen from the atmosphere of Europa, one of Jupiter's largest moons. According to new research by scientists at SwRI and Princeton, these observations provided
Prof. Caspi, from the University of Colorado presents the results of the experiments in the solar eclipse of 2017, on the multi-channel camera that will fly on a NASA plane
Gallons = small waves. A new international study led by Ben-Gurion University has challenged the prevailing theory that different physical conditions allow the development of galleons that do not exist on Earth
The purpose of the mission is to test the materials' resistance to radiation and the potential for the compatibility of printed parts in future space missions
Odysseus landed on its side instead of landing at a vertical angle, which disrupted communication with Earth. Some of the antennas were blocked by the inverted spacecraft, and those that remained exposed were too close to the ground, which
On 19/1/2024, a movie titled ISS was released in the US, which describes an international incident that takes place on the space station following an inter- bloc war. In reality, the astronauts and cosmonauts work together despite the conflict between Russia and the West, but a storm
The first galaxies were much less developed than the spiral and spherical galaxies that exist today, which are actually the result of mergers, both because of the stage of development but also because of the conditions that prevailed at the time
Beta Pictoris is a solar system in the making and relatively close so that the gas disks can be seen. It turns out that Webb was able to discover a structure that was not noticed in photographs with less sensitive instruments, thus he discovered a gas disk
Curiosity's rear Hazcam recorded the shadow of the rover's rear in a 12-hour continuous view from sunrise to sunset toward the Gale Basin floor
In the new study, evidence for additional sources of chemical energy, much stronger and more diverse than methane production, was discovered: a group of organic compounds was found that were oxidized, and this indicates many chemical pathways for the existence of potential life in the ocean
The space agency says that the industry alone will not be able to move forward and it is required to cooperate with the government and academia. This can help solve bottlenecks that slow down progress in the field
It's been 30 years since a group of scientists led by Carl Sagan found evidence of life on Earth using data from instruments aboard NASA's Galileo space probe and only a combination of instruments ignoring
On the way there, the spacecraft will receive a gravitational push from Mars. It is expected to reach the orbit around the asteroid in the first stage in June 2029
In addition to bringing the first sample collected from Mars to Earth, this very complex mission will include the first launch from the soil of another planet, and also the first rendezvous in orbit around another planet. Returning the samples from Mars
"These interactions between the Sun's coronal mass ejections and interplanetary dust were theorized twenty years ago, but were not observed until the Parker Solar Probe saw that the coronal ejection acts like a vacuum cleaner.
The Osiris-Rex probe returns to Earth small samples of the asteroid Beno, a "real small world" for analysis
Herbig-harrows are luminous regions surrounding young stars. They form when stellar winds or jets of gas ejected from these stars create shock waves that collide at high speeds with nearby gas and dust.
An increase in the number of lightning storms may increase the amount of cirrus clouds and increase the global warming process
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