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NASA publishes an independent report on the study of unidentified anomalous phenomena (formerly UFOs)

NASA will appoint a dedicated research director for the UAP field, which indicates the seriousness of the intention. The head of NASA: No alien remains were found, and the committee will not examine this issue but the aerial phenomena

"The Third Day" movie poster Flying saucer over the White House - only in movies.
The poster of the movie "The Third Day" a flying saucer over the White House - only in the movies.

Following an independent research team's recommendation that NASA take a more central role in understanding Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), the agency announced Thursday the appointment of a director of UAP research.

NASA commissioned the independent study to better understand how the agency can contribute to the government's ongoing efforts to investigate sightings of celestial events that cannot be identified as balloons, aircraft or known natural phenomena from a scientific perspective.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said: "At NASA, it's in our DNA to investigate - and ask why things are the way they are. I would like to thank the independent research team for providing insight into how NASA can better study and analyze UAP in the future. NASA's new director of UAP research will develop and oversee the implementation of NASA's science vision for UAP research, including using NASA expertise to work with other agencies to analyze UAP and apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to search for anomalies in the sky. NASA will do this work transparently for the benefit of humanity."

Later, Nelson addressed the claims regarding the discovery of alien bodies in Mexico last week and said that there is certainly intelligent life somewhere in the universe, but the chance of meeting them is small. According to him, the scientists claim that the chance of having an intelligent civilization is one in a trillion solar systems, that is, one intelligent civilization in the entire galaxy.

The report contains the external research team's findings and recommendations aimed at informing NASA of the possible data available for collection and how the agency can help shed light on the origin and nature of future UAP phenomena. The report is not a review or evaluation of previous UAP events.

Although NASA is still reviewing the report and evaluating the independent research team's findings and recommendations, the agency is committed to contributing to the unified government effort on the UAP by appointing a UAP Research Director.

Previously, NASA's liaison to the Department of Defense covered limited UAP activities for the agency. The new director will coordinate communications, resources and data analysis capabilities to create a solid data base for evaluating future UAPs. The administrator will also leverage NASA's expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning and satellite observation tools to support and enhance the broader government initiative on UAP.

The independent research team's general recommendation from its report is that NASA can play a prominent role in the government's effort to understand the UAP phenomenon by expanding research and data collection on UAP. The external study recommends that NASA use its open source resources, extensive technological expertise, data analysis techniques, federal and commercial partnerships, and Earth observation assets to gather a better and more robust data base for understanding future UAPs.

NASA will also promote citizen reporting by engaging with the public and commercial pilots to build a broader and more reliable UAP database for use in identifying future UAP events, and to de-stigmatize UAP research.

A wide variety of information sources

The independent research team, established outside of NASA, used declassified data from civilian government agencies, commercial data and data from other sources to inform their findings and recommendations in the report. Today there are a limited number of high-quality UAP observations, which makes it impossible to draw unequivocal scientific conclusions about their nature.

The use of declassified data was essential to the team's fact-finding, open communication and collaboration, and maintaining scientific rigor to produce this report for NASA," said David Spergel, President of the Simons Foundation and Chair of the Independent Research Team at UAP. "The team wrote the report in conjunction with NASA's pillars of transparency, openness and scientific integrity to help the agency shed light on the nature of future UAP incidents. We found that NASA can assist in a government-wide UAP effort through systematic data calibration, multiple measurements, and the provision of comprehensive sensor metadata to create a reliable and extensive data base for future UAP research.”

The independent research team at UAP consists of 16 experts from academia in various fields relevant to potential research methods of unidentified anomalous phenomena. NASA commissioned the study to examine UAP from a scientific perspective and create a roadmap for how to use data and scientific tools to advance our understanding of UAP.

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  1. A site of agenda promotion and expanded consciousness engineering.
    Kudos to you for the holy work of "soaping people for the benefit of promoting the programs of other people who pay you money to post all the nonsense you post on this website

  2. And there are scientists who claim that in our galaxy alone there are 11,000 different cultures, there are all kinds of opinions

  3. Bullshit! There is no extraterrestrial life! The god who created the whole universe said there is no life outside the earth, so there is no life outside the earth. Everything holds eyes like a magician.

  4. Extraterrestrials exist in trillions of branches, every galaxy is a grape of a vine that has been re-created, half up in a circle back, whoever falls down falls into a dark twin and it is only the fun light that knows what life is, so let it come and be happy.

  5. NASA does all these things on purpose, they have a secret project that contains advanced military technology (which is something that has already been proven in the black budget) and it is very convenient for them that instead of the conversation being about this technology, the conversation will be about aliens, etc.. and they already did it when they They developed the first jet planes, they dressed the pilots in a Bigfoot mask so that if anyone came close to this thing, his story would not be credible...
    So, it's pretty perfect to have a leaker who says he "heard things" at a congressional hearing

  6. Aliens are groups and communities with advanced intelligence, willpower and love on Planet Earth. They are also diverse communities from a hundred billion galaxies in the universe. But Planet Earth is a special place, life and resources in which flesh and blood man can exist and develop. Although it is in a non-central location in the Milky Way galaxy. The mistake can turn out to be someone who utilizes her resources without returning to Mother Earth the appropriate food, and the purification that entails. Maybe 5.4 billion years of her work. In Israeli thought, the laws of omission provide an explanation of how to navigate the giving and return of energy.

  7. NASA is engaged in distracting the public from unexplained phenomena (by science), so that the public will stop believing that there is life in the universe other than humans.
    But there is a lot of life in the universe, and we are exposed to it more and more, which makes NASA's work very complicated.
    It seems to me that the days of this organization are not long, unless they decide to come out of their closet and start working seriously on the developing relationship with the extraterrestrials

  8. Narrowing the scope of UFO research to flying objects and not to their pilots is suspicious and a continuation of the US government's policy of ambiguity and concealment.
    Sad, and a pity.
    But... says it all.

  9. NASA's complete hoarding of nonsense, as usual in the Holy. Total disregard of studies and findings. Continuing the tradition of lies and cover-ups, like from the days of the exploding ferries. It's a wonder they didn't claim that it was the reflection of the light of Venus reflected in the mirror.

  10. NASA investigates the issue of unidentified aerial objects like a bird investigates the issue of flight or a fish checks if the ocean waters are wet..

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