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A unique solution to prevent our forces from firing on our forces (DoC) will be presented as part of the "Israel Defense 2009" exhibition

TL5 is a component that relies on infrared technology that is installed on the warrior's helmet, weapon or clothing and allows for the sure identification of the warrior by additional forces during battle

The TL5 facility. Photo: Thar Ideal Concept Company
The TL5 facility. Photo: Thar Ideal Concept Company

TL5 - a new and unique product to prevent our forces from shooting at our forces (DoC), developed by the "Taar Ideal Concept" company in light of the events of the Second Lebanon War and Operation "Cast Lead" and due to demand from other armies in the world. TL5 is a component that relies on infrared technology that is installed on the warrior's helmet, weapon, or clothing and enables certain identification of the warrior by additional forces during battle. The new development will be presented for the first time as part of the "Israel Defense 2009" exhibition to be held in October in Tel Aviv.

During the Second Lebanon War and Operation "Cast Lead" there were a large number of incidents of our forces shooting at our forces (DOC) in the IDF, this problem led the senior officials of the security establishment in Israel and around the world to try and find an immediate solution. The TL5 allows our forces to be identified using night vision and prevents accidental firing on our forces. The Aliya infrared technology based on the TL5 cannot be detected by the naked eye and allows identification of our "fighters" 360 degrees and without dead areas, both on the part of ground forces and on the part of air forces at distances of about four thousand meters and more. The product was developed in a unique collaboration between combat officers from the IDF and the engineers of the "Taar Ideal" company in order to meet the high standards of modern warfare and is extremely light (about 100 grams, including the battery) built for use in field conditions, waterproof and moisture resistant and does not stop its work even Falling from a height of two meters. The color of the light that marks the soldier can be changed according to the customer's needs, or a marking consisting of two different colors can be created at the same time.

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  1. It is possible to implant in our soldier's arm a pill that sends signals at a certain frequency so that only our army knows who is our soldier and who is not.
    It does not seem to me that the pill can be stolen because it is inside the soldier's body and this particular frequency will be difficult for the enemy to discover because first the enemy will have to try to find out what frequency each pill transmits.

  2. My bet is that it won't work in the field in the coming years and in any case the public will pay because Ehud Barak and Steinitz will take care of their friends' livelihood..
    Hopefully they will also find another stupid country with bloated security budgets whose sucker citizens will finance at least part of it.
    Good luck with creating metals and batteries and radiation and other garbage that will need more money to solve its burial. It's a wonderful way to bury us all safely.

  3. Omer:
    So what's the bottom line?
    Has any army already equipped itself with the system?

  4. To all the respondents who wonder what can be done in a situation where such a facility falls to the enemy,
    First of all, it is possible to code the product that will transmit pulses in a certain order and thus it will be possible to identify the force, apart from that this question is puzzling to me because there are many other things in the army that can be dangerous if they fall into the hands of the enemy (for example, for the combatants among us, remember very well the contact frequencies that we signed On him - is it less dangerous? The trick is to trick security circles and promoters that will prevent such a situation and to provide solutions for exceptional cases in which the damage will be minimized or eliminated altogether).
    Regarding the unrealistic option of this type of device destroying itself… we are developing a tactical identification marker not a James Bond movie….

    I would like to clarify that before the development of the product, a comprehensive test and in-depth analysis of all the similar products on the market was conducted. In cooperation with development factors in the army, rejections were given to these products and these were omitted from the design of the TL5, the army even requested additional features to be fed into the TL5 in order to achieve maximum efficiency.
    After that, when a prototype of the TL5 is created, it is tested and tested by the security system and the IDF and even tested by special units operationally. It can be said wholeheartedly that today the TL5 is the most advanced product of its kind on the market.

    As of today, Tar Ideal Concepts Ltd. is already working on the development of a new generation of the product that will enable selective activation of the product by our forces and thus rule out the possibility of activation by the enemy.

    It is also important to note that in all the aspects mentioned here on the site regarding the operational use of the device, the manufacturing company should not provide such a solution in the form of a toll. This is exactly the role of the leaders in the development wings of the martial arts, they are supposed to give the answer and the way to use the product operationally.

  5. In identification technologies of this type, it is almost certain that IR transmission is used in a certain coding that has been classified as "top secret". This coding is kept in a safe with the appropriate entities (even the user entity is isolated).
    Similarly, there is military use of laser-guided weapons (in the SWIR range).

  6. Why don't they just do an encrypted radio encoding with the infrared...then every "signal" that arrives with the infrared has an encrypted "identity" that goes through the radio.
    This way there is a combination of two technologies, location + identity.
    With good encryption it will not be possible to quote so easily and on the other hand if the helmet falls into hostile hands it will always be possible to cancel the transmissions from that helmet or even send a "self-destruct" signal (erasing all information).

  7. Such a helmet that falls into the hands of the enemy will go through an imitation process of reverse engineering and then all the enemy will wear such helmets, and this will allow them to cause total chaos and confusion among us.

  8. for life
    You can't be mad at us for not being aware of the sophisticated system of the competing company.
    But it seems to me that if I aim a weapon at my forces and the weapon warns me that I am aiming at our forces, an equally sophisticated enemy will also know that they are our forces and will attack them. It's hard for me to see how to overcome it.
    The English army of the previous centuries marched in their red clothes and I find it hard to believe that the English had a problem distinguishing their forces. But... the enemy didn't have a problem either!
    Happy New Year and Happy New Year!
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  9. This nonsense says that in the next war they will be killed by our forces because of a battery that has run out of power.

  10. Haim (or someone else who knows) - who is the competing company? You can also send me a private email. Happy New Year!

  11. If I were the enemy, my main effort would be to collect such devices on the battlefield, install them on my forces and confuse the enemy.

  12. You don't understand the subject, so don't invent unfounded theses. Since I know these systems intimately.
    Our company has a working model. Not the above-mentioned company that posted, but our friend competing for this product.
    The system is smart and undetectable as the commenters claim.
    So it is advisable to come, go study the subject and then respond.

  13. Agree with Yehuda, an Ifra Adom detector that is also in the hands of the enemy, will enable the detection of the soldiers with TL5.

  14. It seems to me that what is said in the article is not a panacea and even extremely dangerous!
    The enemy can discover our forces in the same way and attack them!
    In addition, a smart enemy will disguise himself as our forces to avoid being shot!
    Food for thought
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

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