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The secret payload of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft

Inside the spacecraft that circled the Earth twice and plunged into the Pacific Ocean was a payload prepared as a tribute to Monty Python, but not what the journalists thought

The secret cargo has been revealed. cheese. Photo: Chris Thompson, SpaceX
The secret cargo has been revealed. cheese. Photo: Chris Thompson, SpaceX

During a press conference after the experimental launch of the Dragon spacecraft using SpaceX's Falcon 9 launcher, the company's CEO Elon Musk confirmed the rumors about a secret cargo on board the Dragon spacecraft, and promised that on Thursday he would find out what it was.

SpaceX on Thursday released the contents of a tank bolted to the floor of the Dragon spacecraft. It was a wheel of cheese, referencing the classic set from Monty Python's Flying Circus when the actor John Cleese tries to order cheese from a cheese shop where there was none.cheese from a cheese shop that has no cheese.

A skit about cheese doesn't sound so funny, but it is indeed funny, Cleese asks for 42 types of cheese, and the answer to all of them is - none. The cheese that spent time aboard the Dragon and circled the Earth twice was Le Brewer cheese.

By the way, before the discovery, it was speculated that the secret cargo was actually a box of Spam - preserved meat that gave its name to the spam phenomenon - that would target Monty Python's hit Spamalot. As well as pilot Chuck Yeager who said that the initial astronauts were like spam in a box.

The secret cargo is revealed.

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