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About Simon Singh's book - The Big Bang, the most important scientific discovery of all time

From the bestselling author of Fermat's Last Theorem and Cryptography Secrets Attic Books and Yediot Books

Simon Singh
Simon Singh

Albert Einstein once said: "The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible." But for that you need a real guide. From the Greeks to Einstein, to Copernicus and Newton, and their successors to this day, the known and the unknown (and a handful of crazy ones), Simon Singh leads us step by step in this wonderful journey. As usual, he both explains the physical principles underlying the universe, and also fascinates with instructive anecdotes and fascinating stories.

Everyone knows what the big bang is - or at least they think they do - but this seemingly simple idea of ​​the origin of the universe is the result of intense and passionate disputes, which have lasted (and in some cases continue to this day) for centuries. The politics, the innovative ideas that were met with disdainful rejection by the scientific establishment, the personal disputes between brilliant scientists, all these and especially the theories and observations themselves, Singh is amazing to tell and explain.
Singh explains what the big bang theory is, and no less important, why cosmologists are convinced that this is the theory that describes the origin of the universe.

Simon Singh is known for his ability to turn complicated ideas into fascinating books, and now he brings the story of the most important scientific theory of all time. And as one of the critics of the book said: "Get ready for the greatest story ever told!"

“This book is a blast! Who thought the Big Bang could be so much fun?”
James Glick, author of Chaos, Isaac Newton

Simon Singh was born in England to Indian parents, studied physics in London, and completed his PhD in particle theory at Cambridge University. After a few years of research, he moved to work in the science programs department of the bbc, where he also wrote and directed the film about Ferma's last theorem - after which he published the bestseller in the world and in Israel. He then published The Secrets of Encryption, also a bestseller. His next book will deal with alternative medicine.

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