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For the first time in Israel, a scientific research program for gifted students

This is a three-year program starting from the 29th grade. Registration for the program is open until May 2014, 14 through the website. An open day will be held on May 2014, XNUMX

Gifted students in the lab. Photo: Davidson Institute
Gifted students in the lab. Photo: Davidson Institute

The Davidson Institute for Science Education, the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, is currently developing a unique and innovative program called "Alpha” in collaboration with the "Karab" association for entrepreneurship in education. The program is intended for a small, high-quality group of gifted students who have science in their hearts, in a three-year project open to students entering the XNUMXth grade in XNUMX.

When science studies in school are excellent, students get to confront their misconceptions about how the universe works. They compare information from diverse sources, see demonstrations, conduct experiments and discuss with other students and their teachers the contradictions between their expectations and reality. In the process, they form a new picture of the world. At the same time, they acquire diverse science skills, such as the ability to collect and analyze information, read material critically, distinguish between main and secondary, and more.

Less excellent schools tend to teach the textbooks as a series of facts and sayings. They try to cover a large amount of material to meet external requirements, rarely conduct experiments and demonstrations and leave students with a fragmented picture of scientific knowledge, without giving them the time necessary to acquire the essential skills of the scientific process.

Still, both the excellent schools and those that are more difficult cannot create a scientific environment in which the student will experience "scientist science", that is, will explore the reality that we do not yet understand in ways similar to the activities of scientists. Naturally, and in complete contrast to school science, new scientific research does not try to reproduce existing knowledge but creates new knowledge. Under these circumstances, the student, like any scientist, will face the lack of understanding, embarrassment and question marks, as well as the difficulties and failures along the way.

An essential part of this process is working with a mentor (mentor) who can lead the student along the paths of science and support him in his first steps in the world of scientific research. The "Alpha" program emphasizes opening the gates of science to gifted students from all over the country. As part of it, the students will carry out a research project on a topic that is at the forefront of contemporary scientific research, in innovative laboratories and under the guidance of researchers from the Weizmann Institute.
The participants of the program will experience research in different laboratories, choose the field of research that interests them and integrate into the laboratory they have chosen. The students will build a research plan that will include comprehensive learning of the subject, formulating research questions, planning experiments, implementing them and analyzing their results. Throughout the program, the students will benefit from the close supervision of researchers specializing in the topic of their choice, along with online support from researchers from the Weizmann Institute who will help them deal with the theoretical background and the problems they will encounter during the research and writing.
In addition to the scientific activity in the laboratory, the students will attend four two-day meetings each year where they will receive support in carrying out their research and will hear scientific lectures from Weizmann Institute of Science scientists. In addition, the students will go on tours and engage in enjoyable social activities with gifted science-loving students from all over the country, as part of building a small, high-quality community of the future generation in scientific research. In the summer months there will be two research camps where the students will experience individual and group research work.

Registration for the program is open until May 29, 2014 via The site. You are invited toopen day To be held on Wednesday, May 14, 2014, at 20:00-17:00 in the Duck Hall at the Davidson Institute for Science Education. As part of the open day, the program will be presented and the students will be invited to an experiential experience in the laboratory. You can register for the open day through the website.

Dr. Avi Golan
Student unit manager (Talam)
Davidson Institute for Science Education, the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science

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  1. Haredim and Arabs are discriminated against???? In that they don't serve in the army? Maybe I don't support them enough?
    are you kidding or what?

  2. Ok, that's great. But most of the young Israelis who don't have a rich family will find it difficult to realize themselves. The gaps in Israeli society institutionalize and pave the way for the Israeli in the future. It's a known fact that people like the Minister of Finance, won their status only because they were born into the right family. Anyone who is ultra-Orthodox or Arab is discriminated against. Yair Lapid gives a false representation of either security or well-being. But his job is to find the golden path.

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