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An innovative technology developed by scientists from the Weizmann Institute offers a unique solution for extending the life of particle separation systems

Membrane for water purification. High economic viability. Source: Weizmann Institute magazine.
Membrane for water purification. High economic viability. Source: Weizmann Institute magazine.

Separation technologies on a nanometer scale, based on membranes, are important for the treatment of water and wastewater, as well as for the production processes of particles and small molecules. Innovative technology in this field, which they developed Prof. Boris Ryvchinsky and members of his group in the Department of Organic Chemistry at the Weizmann Institute, offers a unique solution to extend the life of separation systems and lower their operating costs.

The separation technology may be applied in the purification of water and wastewater and in the separation of particles (biological, organic and inorganic) in the order of 5-1 nanometers. The uniqueness of the new separation systems - first and foremost - is that they can be recycled, thus saving on maintenance costs. Furthermore, the systems allow the retrieval of the separated materials. Also, although the membranes consist of small molecules, they are mechanically strong (Robust).

The new membranes consist of a water-based material (Aqua Material), created in a process of molecular self-organization. The membranes are produced in different configurations and from different materials, and in some cases include an additional layer of polymers available on the market, such as Nafion. Combining these unique features expands the technology's range of applications. The technology has a high economic viability, which stems both from the low cost of the ingredients and from the simple production process and its high performance.

Company “knowledge", which promotes industrial applications based on the inventions of Weizmann Institute of Science scientists, is currently conducting talks with industry parties with the aim of bringing to market advanced products that will be based on the new technology.

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  1. It may sound like a small step, but it can be one of the most significant issues for the environment.
    Because if the issue of water purification and reverse osmosis water desalination improves and decreases, it will be possible to solve all the water and pollution problems in the world, to make the deserts all over the world bloom. And thereby fixing the issue of global warming
    (For those who don't understand how - the plants that will be planted in the desert that will be irrigated with desalinated seawater will absorb the PAD from the air and produce oxygen)

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