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For the first time in Israel - a mobile biometric identification system

The system intended for use among the security forces, the police, the prison service and at border crossings, was revealed for the first time at the "Security" exhibition last week


Application Intelligence Biometric Identification System (2006)
Application Intelligence Biometric Identification System (2006)

At the "Security" Israel exhibition last week, Bint-Yisim Systems unveiled a mobile biometric system for reliable and efficient identification of people's facial features and for scanning passports with a smart chip. The system was developed by the Austrian company FALCONTROL and is intended to be used by the security forces, the police, the prison service and at border crossings.

The FALCONTROL system comes in a suitcase and is easily portable. It does not require connection of the identification camera to the computer and can operate even in places where there is no computer infrastructure. Suitable for use in airports and seas, in police vehicles, on ships, in events where a sterile infrastructure is needed from a security point of view, or in an access control system.

The biometric identification system works using an IR camera combined with a proximity card, or a fingerprint, and is based on an industrial controller.

The system is already installed in several prisons in the world, in the Austrian Parliament, in schools, in government facilities in Europe and more. Binat Application Systems will market the system exclusively in Israel, and integrate it into control and security projects in the local market.

About the company

Binat Application Systems, from the Red Binat Group, established in 1989, provides data communication and telephony solutions and control and security systems to large and medium-sized companies and organizations. The company manages and executes dedicated projects in a wide variety of fields, including computer communication infrastructures, telephony, computer rooms, conference rooms and control systems. The company's clients include thousands of companies and organizations including high-tech companies, government offices, public bodies, industrial plants, universities and defense facilities and industries. The company has offices in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Be'er Sheva and Jerusalem and employs about 120 people.

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