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G-NIUS, a joint venture with Elbit and TEA, will develop the Nachshon - the new generation of unmanned vehicles for the IDF

The new vehicle will have a high autonomous capability in movement and performing tasks and will be used as a combat support measure. In addition, Genius unveils the GUARDIUM LS, an unmanned logistics vehicle from the Guardium family

Guardium UGV - the Nachshon - an unmanned vehicle of the Genius company
Guardium UGV - the Nachshon - an unmanned vehicle of the Genius company

Genius Unmanned Ground Systems, a joint venture between Elbit Systems and the Aerospace Industry, was chosen to develop a new generation of unmanned vehicles (UAVs) for the IDF. The completion of the development of the systems, which will be done under the leadership of Mapat and the command of the land arm, is intended to be carried out by the year 2011.

The new vehicle, Nachshon, is based on experience gained in the operation of the Guardium autonomous vehicle system, which entered operational use in the IDF in 2008.

The new generation vehicles will have higher autonomous capabilities than those of the existing vehicles, both in terms of movement and in terms of mission capabilities. In addition, the offense capacity will be improved and more diverse and advanced control solutions will be developed.

The new car will be able to carry a larger and heavier load and therefore they will be able to install a greater amount of satellites on it to increase the ability to navigate the environment, autonomous behavior and self-decision making. The addition of the capabilities of the new CBM allows for greater operational flexibility, for operational use in various capacities. These additional capabilities will turn the vehicle into a combat support vehicle, in contrast to the Guardium, which is currently in use by the IDF and is mainly used for security missions.

Erez Peled, CEO of Genius, stated that the IDF's decision to develop a new generation of unmanned vehicles illustrates the necessity of operating these types of vehicles and their important contribution in modern security and combat missions. Peled added that the IDF is one of the most advanced armies in the world in the field of using unmanned vehicles and he hopes that, following him, other armies in the world will decide to equip themselves with unmanned vehicle systems manufactured by Genius.

Unmanned logistic vehicle

Guardium LS - unmanned logistics vehicle of the Genius company
Guardium LS - unmanned logistics vehicle of the Genius company

Genius, the joint company of Elbit Systems and the aerospace industry, expands the family of UAVs (unmanned vehicles) produced by it and unveils the GUARDIUM LS at the DSEI (Defence Systems Equipment International) exhibition that takes place in London between September 8 and 11, 2009. In addition The logistic vehicle is designed for security missions and patrols, also for transferring supplies to the various forces without risking human life, while significantly reducing the weight of the equipment carried on the soldiers' backs.

The logistic truck can carry equipment weighing more than 1000 kg. Like the Guardium vehicle it is able to perform semi-autonomous missions or be remotely controlled. Therefore, according to the need, it can be programmed and launched for supply missions without risking human life or operated in a "follow me" format, when the vehicle is controlled by a control unit located with one of the soldiers. The logistics vehicle can also be transported by air, a fact that allows it to carry out supply missions even in fire-stricken areas.
Erez Peled, CEO of Genius, stated that the world is experiencing a growing demand for life-saving systems and the logistic model, like the previous models from the Guardium family, are part of this global trend. "The fact that our systems are used by the IDF is a great advantage and I hope that various customers around the world, among armies and customers from other sectors, will also be equipped with unmanned vehicles produced by us," said Peled.
The basic model of the Guardium was supplied by the company to the IDF in May 2008. The autonomous vehicle from the Guardium family is capable of autonomous movement even in difficult terrain conditions. The vehicle moves precisely on the route defined in advance while identifying obstacles and bypassing them without the need for operator intervention. The vehicle operates measures that enable the handling of incidents in real time and transmits continuous information of various types such as contracts, audio and target data, in all weather conditions.

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