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Professor Ben Israel's term as chairman of the Israel Space Agency was extended

Science Minister Akunis decided to extend the term of office of the chairman of the Israel Space Agency Prof. Yitzhak Ben Israel. Minister Akunis: "Prof. Ben Israel made a great contribution to Israel's status as a breakthrough power".

Prof. Ben Israel. Photo: Chen Galili, photo courtesy of the Ministry of Science.
Prof. Ben Israel. Photo: Chen Galili, photo courtesy of the Ministry of Science.

Minister of Science and Technology Ofir Akunis decided to extend the tenure of Prof. Yitzhak Ben Israel as chairman of the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Science. Prof. Ben Israel headed the agency for the past 12 years and his current tenure was about to end.

"Prof. Ben Israel has a rich career and public activities and a significant contribution to the advancement of the space field in Israel in the last decade," said Minister of Science Akunis after the decision. "We are proud to continue to honor his work among our ranks and are confident that he will continue to lead the Israeli Space Agency to further achievements in the years to come."

Prof. Ben Israel thanked the minister for the continued trust and the appointment and said: "I see this as an opportunity to continue promoting the Israeli Space Agency to face the future challenges of the space field. The space field in Israel is moving in the direction of civilian developments for space needs with the participation of private and small entrepreneurs who enter the game alongside the large space industries - a niche that is also gaining momentum in the world and has a real potential to advance the economy. Space is also an excellent means of promoting scientific education in Israel, with an emphasis on the periphery. The agency will continue to promote the field of tiny and small satellites where Israel has a significant advantage in the world and will work for government recognition of the importance of communication satellites."

Prof. (Mil. Col.) Ben Yisrael previously held a series of positions in the IDF and the security system and during his service received the Israel Security Award twice. He was responsible, among other things, for the development of the "Talfiot" program and the initiatives of the "Atidim" program. Upon his retirement from the IDF, he joined the faculty of Tel Aviv University, where he currently heads the Cyber ​​Center and the Yuval Na'eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security. As part of his tenure as a Knesset member, he was a member of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, the Finance Committee and the Home Front Preparedness Committee. Among his other public positions: one of the founders of the cyber headquarters, a member of the board of a series of government companies in the fields of science and space, as well as the chairman of the National R&D Council. Over the years, many books have been published by him in the fields of security, science and space.

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  1. I took several courses of the professor in the philosophy of science at Tel Aviv University. A real pleasure to study with him, conveys the material in an interesting way. All the best for the blessed work

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