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Do spaceships have life after death?

The Popular Science system reports on the missions whose budget should end this year * They said goodbye to several projects in space - for now

The Cassini spacecraft


Last action: In 2008, the Cassini spacecraft completed its original mission to study Saturn and its moons. The mission, to measure the length of day and night in autumn and spring in order to observe the seasonal changes on the surface of Saturn, extended its life until this year.

Another life? Cassini, whose life will likely be extended again, will continue to send back data and images until at least 2017. After that, scientists will likely crash it into Saturn to learn more about the planet, provided they can find a way to get it through the rings in one piece.

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter:


Last action: His first successful mission in lunar exploration - searching for water and mapping suitable landing sites - ends this September.

Another life? Since it's already up there, the spacecraft's instruments can be used for a longer three-year science mission, to measure, for example, the radiation reflected from the lunar surface or to study the evolution of the lunar crust.

The Mars Odyssey satellite space vehicle:


Last Action: The solar-powered spacecraft ended its original Mars exploration mission in 2004. Odyssey will complete its third mission period this year and serves as a radio relay station for NASA's Mars rovers.

Another life? There is a chance that it will continue to function until 2012, when it can be used as a relay station for the upcoming mission of the NASA Science Laboratory to Mars.

Deep Impact/EPOXI spacecraft


Recent action: In 2005, the spacecraft collected data from the comet Tempel I, showing that ice skies exist on the surface of comets. The mission, renamed EPOXI in 2007, will study comet Hartley 2 later this year.

Another life? The spacecraft will be able to observe stars that are assumed to have planets orbiting them, but no specific plans have been made to do so. – Sandeep Ravindran

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  1. What article about ships that passed their mission could not include Spirit and Opportunity?

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