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On Elector's Day, they imitate the natural world in the Science Garden

Special activities for children inspired by biomimicry, "the start-up of nature", at the Science Garden in Rehovot

The Science Garden at the Davidson Institute. PR photo
The Science Garden at the Davidson Institute. PR photo


The Kalor Science Garden, operating as part of the Davidson Institute for Science Education in Rehovot, will hold special Purim activities for the whole family, where visitors will be experientially exposed to the world's most innovative technologies inspired by the world of flora and fauna. The activities began with the Purim and are held every Saturday in the month of March, but in addition, the activity is also planned to be held on election day, the day after tomorrow, March 17. 2015.

Inventors and entrepreneurs find inspiration from the world of flora and fauna in order to develop innovative solutions. From great inventions like the airplane, which was inspired by the bird, to the invention of Scotch, which was inspired by a thorn bush. The field of biomimicry, which is developing in Israel, encourages the study and imitation of nature in order to develop inventions inspired by it for everyday use. The meaning of the term biomimicry is imitation of life (Bio mimicry: Bio=life; mimesis=imitate). Biomimicry is a way of learning from nature, observing it in action and using this knowledge as inspiration for new ideas.

The Klor Science Garden, Davidson Institute for Science Education, invites the whole family this Purim to find inspiration for a costume this year, precisely from the natural world. Visitors will enjoy over 80 amazing science exhibits throughout the garden, guided tours, a tour of Ecosphere - the ecological complex, activities, demonstrations, creative workshops and experiential experiences. Among other things, visitors will get to know up close the lotus effect, the plant that repels water with incredible efficiency, the pine cone effect, which opens or closes its scales according to the degree of humidity in the air, and the ability that helps the gecko to climb walls. From the "Botanical-Zoological Library of Nature", visitors will learn about the "start-ups of nature", following the elephant, the dragonfly, the bat, the porcupine, the shark, and much more. This library is a source of inspiration for technological developments, industrial designs and architectural designs in our daily lives, such as the "flying bicycle" of the Wright brothers, developments of all-terrain vehicles in space, walking sticks for the blind and navigation devices.

As part of the Purim activities at the Science Garden, a matching quiz will be held between the animals and the inventions inspired by them. There will be creative corners where visitors will build games with the help of inventions from nature, and there will be special elections - "the coolest animal", the results of which will be published on the Science Garden website. Especially for Purim, a costume corner will be set up using animal masks (we will make them together and take them home!). Also, there will be a costume contest with prizes each day of the activities on March 5,6,7, 12, 00 at XNUMX:XNUMX.

At the same time as the Science Garden's Purim activities, we are continuing the unique brain exhibition at the museum, which is entirely dedicated to the brain and its secrets.

Regular updates on the activities, entrance fees and additional information will be published on the Science Garden website

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