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How do you clan?

To clone a cell is taken from an adult animal, and the nucleus of the cell - which contains almost all the genetic material - is inserted into a hollow egg, the nucleus of which has been removed. In order to unite the hollow egg and the mature nucleus and activate the development of the embryo, a process that is usually initiated by the sperm, a small electric current is applied, which "brings" the fertilized egg to life. The researchers from Edinburgh who cloned Dolly the sheep showed something that until then was considered impossible: that it is possible to trick the DNA in the adult cell, which has already served its purposes, and make it divide and behave as if it were a new fertilized egg. In the next step, which is not particularly complicated, the embryo is implanted in the womb of a surrogate.

In the picture - Ral and the spaceship, who is the head of a sect that claimed to have succeeded in cloning a human baby but has not proven it to this day

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