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Elbit will present military and civilian developments at the air show in Farnuru

Among the systems and technological developments: a system that helps helicopter pilots maintain orientation even in difficult visibility and landing conditions, and a new family of head systems suitable for different types of aircraft, including civil ones

Elbit products
Elbit products

Elbit Systems presents at the air show in Farnborough, which opens today and will conclude on July 20, 2008, a wide variety of systems, which reflect its achievements in many fields of activity.

At the exhibition, a system will be revealed for the first time that helps helicopter pilots maintain a high orientation ability even in difficult visibility and landing conditions. The system - DUST OFF, includes an overhead display system, an electro-optical system that detects obstacles and a digital map system.

Also, a new family of pilot helmets that can be adapted to different types of aircraft such as transport, rescue, training and more will be unveiled at the exhibition. These helmets will allow the pilots to benefit from the operational experience accumulated by the company over the years of operational activity among leading customers in the world, with simple integration of the system and low costs.

More displays at the exhibition

flight training systems

Elbit Systems' virtual training system simulates aerial radar, weapons and electronic warfare similar to those found in operational fighter jets, in order to improve performance and flight safety. Recently, Elbit Systems was selected by the Boeing Company to provide the US Navy Air Force with a virtual training system for the advanced training aircraft T-45 Goshawk, and also provided the Israeli Air Force with a flight trainer for the F-16I "Storm" aircraft.


In addition to the tiny Skylark I drone, which is in operational service in the IDF, the exhibition also displays models of the Skylark II, the Hermes 450, which is the backbone of the IDF's drone activity, and the tactical Hermes 900, which includes an autonomous take-off and landing system, and allows carrying cargo More on a very long distance flight.

Electro-optical systems

The subsidiary Elbit Electro-Optic Systems Alup presents the variety of electro-optical systems produced by it, including IMINT visual intelligence systems, the Condor 2 aerial photography system installed, among other things, on the Israeli Air Force's 16-F "Supah" aircraft, the MUSIC® system for defense On a variety of airborne platforms against shoulder-fired missiles, and an advanced multi-sensor AMPS system that enables visual intelligence (ISTAR - Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance).

Elbit Systems is also exhibiting at the Air Salon in the booths of other companies, in the Thales booth the Hermes 450B UAV will be displayed, in the booth of the American rocket engine manufacturer ATK a Star-type rocket will be displayed, the Lizard guided armament will be displayed in the Gripen booth, and the new helmet will be integrated into the flights of the Alenia company on a C-plane 27J.

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