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Israel Aerospace Industries will provide "Ehud" training systems and research air battles to two countries in Asia in a total amount of 41 million dollars

One country will be supplied with "Ehud" systems that also integrate the local anti-aircraft system * A second country will be equipped with state-of-the-art systems in addition to existing "Ehud" systems

The MLM plant of the Aerospace Industry (TAA) will supply "Ehud" systems for air combat training and research to two foreign customers in Asian countries, to the extent of 41 million dollars.

In the first country, the MLM plant won a tender for the supply of "Ehud" systems in the amount of 25 million dollars.
For the first time, the system allows the customer a close connection in training between fighter planes training in Suppression of Enemy Air Defense missions and the anti-aircraft weapons carrying out interceptions against them.

The "Ehud" system relies on the infrastructure of the air combat training system. The new system adds capabilities that allow, for the first time in the world, the aircraft personnel and pilots to face each other in simulated "battles" with an objective judgment of the result. Every action of the aircraft against the anti-aircraft battery, and vice versa, is recorded, diagnosed and reported to the other side, in real time, through a unique communication channel. The system software analyzes and decides through the use of complex models who "wins" in the fight. After each training session, an in-depth investigation can be carried out, both in the squadron and in the anti-aircraft battery.

In this project, BVR Systems is the main subcontractor of the IAA/MLM for the execution of the project.

The second foreign customer, who operates "Ehud" systems from a previous generation, decided to now equip himself with state-of-the-art and modern systems. The chosen system will enable network training between aircraft and full compatibility with the previous generation "Ehud" systems. In this transaction, BVR will serve as the main contractor and MLM as the main subcontractor.

The "Ehud" system provides advanced training capabilities for fighter pilots in real time, such as: simulations of various types of armaments for air-to-air and air-to-ground scenarios. All training is carried out while maintaining flight safety and warnings to the pilot in case of a potential collision or in case of exceeding flight limits.

Uri Sinai, the director of the MLM plant of the IAA, stated that: "We succeeded in a tough marketing competition to win over leading international manufacturers thanks to the new and advanced generation of 'Ehud' systems, which will provide high added value to the training carried out by its pilots. The system will allow the client to host and participate in international air exercises, since our system is today a standard for air training systems in the various NATO countries."

The "Ehud" system is operated by the Air Forces of Israel, Germany, France, Italy, Thailand, Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, the NATO Flight School and the British Air Force.

The MLM plant in the Systems, Missiles and Space Division of the Aerospace Industry (TAA) is engaged in the development and production of the "Hats" weapon system to intercept ballistic missiles, the production of the "Comet" satellite launcher, solar systems for satellites, telemetry systems, precision weaponry - the LORA tactical attack missile For land and sea, data communication networks, systems for training and researching fighter pilots, helicopter pilots and air defense, and command and control systems.

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  1. Cool responder, an air-to-ground scenario is not necessarily defensive. Apart from that, it is not clear what the science news is in this item.

    As for Mr. Sabdarmish, I admit that I am not proud of our cooperation with murderous regimes. I am also not proud of Israel's use of its weapons (eg the bombing of Beirut with phosphorus and cluster bombs in the First Lebanon War). And it is not at all equivalent to the well-worn claim that war is a bad thing.

  2. Ofer, I think you are wrong in your view of the sale.
    The "Ehud" system provided is a defense system, and for this reason it is not intended to help countries attack, but to help them defend themselves during an enemy attack.
    That's why I'm proud of this sale.
    I think the sale deserves an apology from you..

    "Ehud" is a defense system and not an attack system!!
    Let it be clear to everyone

  3. Of course there are always commenters who are unable to praise. If Israel didn't sell the Ehud system, wouldn't one of the other competitors sell their system?
    Is it a disgusting thing to come and tell stories about Uzi being supplied (or not) to Burma, just to discredit the aviation industry that excelled here?
    I do not deny, weapons are a bad thing because with their help wars are waged, but as long as there are wars in the world I am proud of the Israeli military industry.
    Have a good day
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  4. Exciting science news. Can we add something about the "Uzi" systems and other projects that we supplied to the murderous military cult in Burma.

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