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Last year, Prof. Wigderzon, who also received the Abel Award, received an honorary doctorate from the Technion
Their research, published in Nature Communications, shows that in normal listening contexts, we do not necessarily prefer chords that are in these exact mathematical relationships but prefer small deviations from them
Meet Dr. Ohad Klein, PhD graduate in the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Exact Sciences, postdoctoral student at the Hebrew University and working at a startup company as an algorithmist
An unconventional combination of philosophy, law and theory of complex systems, offers surprising insights
This week the National Math Olympiad for elementary and middle schools was held * David Kravitz from the 6th grade from Kfar Saba, who studies at Ofira Navon, won first place for his age group and he tells us: "Mathematics for me is
Since there is no Nobel Prize for mathematics, two prizes have become the substitute - the Field Prize for young scientists under the age of 40 and the Shaw Prize, which is actually awarded for lifetime achievement
The 2022 Wolf Prize in Mathematics has been awarded to Prof. George Lustig, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for his pioneering contributions to modern representation theory and related fields
The Olympics were held in St. Petersburg, Russia and were conducted online. The members of the Israeli delegation received three gold medals, two silver and one bronze
Siegel asking "Which is more likely in the stock market or the lottery. And if there is a better chance in the stock market: why do we play the lottery?" The answer is unequivocal - in the stock market. And why only people like Sheldon Adelson can profit
Efrat asks: How is it possible that theoretically each of the numbers drawn in the lottery has an equal chance of being selected, while in reality it does not seem that way?
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