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NASA and the US Department of Energy are funding the development of initial design concepts for a 40 kW FSP system that is planned to operate for at least ten years in the lunar environment
First summary of the findings of the MARS INSIGHT spacecraft on Mars
The spacecraft, which was launched on May 19, 2022, is now attached to the International Space Station. It is "manned" with a dummy whose purpose is to maintain the spacecraft's center of gravity to simulate a manned flight
However, no official announcement has yet been made, and even then, the Russians are obliged to give a year's notice in advance
According to SpaceX President Gavin Shotwell, the company has already stopped production of Crew Dragon capsules after building its fourth spacecraft scheduled for an April 19, 2022 launch for NASA to the space station.
Director of Roscosmos Dimitri Rogozin referred to the DMS-R facility used to navigate the station, although it was designed by the European Space Agency and integrated into the Russian component of the Zavezda space station * Also, the Progress cargo spaceships occasionally provide station orbit raising services * Elon Musk suggested that the SpaceX cargo spaceships perform the track repairs in place of the ruins
In 1991, cosmonaut Sergey Krikalev made one of the most difficult decisions of his life: to stay on the Soviet space station indefinitely. He did this even though he knew that the country that sent him into space had disintegrated, and there was no one to replace him
It is very difficult to squeeze the sun but the reward for the risk is a lot of knowledge about the planet that affects our lives
Lucy was launched on October 17, 2021 on its mission to study Jupiter's Trojan asteroids to gain new insights into the formation of the Solar System 4.5 billion years ago
Scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science and their partners on NASA's Juno space mission have revealed a series of new findings about the planet Jupiter and found a surprising similarity to Earth
The rotors of the first helicopter to fly on another planet were filled with dust, preventing them from turning
The European Space Agency conducted experiments on a twin vehicle to Rosalind Franklin, the vehicle that will fly to Mars as part of the ExoMars 2022 project - the drill managed to reach a depth of 1.7 meters * much deeper than any other Mars rover has ever attempted * in the hope that the fate of Rosalind Franklin will be better than that of the robot Shifriali that crashed as part of the Exo Mars mission in 2016
The SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft entered the atmosphere and autonomously deployed the parachutes. The four passengers intended the flight to collect donations for childhood cancer research
They are powerful, they are the size of Australia and no one imagined them until a few years ago - what is the secret of the storms at the poles of the largest planet in the solar system?
Some called him 'the loneliest man in history' - while his colleagues walked on the moon for the first time
The choice of Spice X is as a sole supplier. Also competing in the tender was a group that included Blue Origin Lockheed Martin and another group led by the Dintics Corporation which was a partner in the Apollo project. The assessment: SpaceX's offer was the cheapest, because Elon Musk has future plans on Mars for which this would be an opportunity to develop technologies
In the initial phase it will be an unmanned test flight around the moon, later the launch system will continue to develop towards the "Artemis 3" program - planned to be the landing of the first woman and the next man on the moon.
Organic materials have been found on meteorites before, but Yabusa was the first time a sample of an "S-type" asteroid was observed to contain organic molecules. It even came directly from the source, and was not subjected to significant periods of time on Earth before being tested.
The tenth prototype of the launcher (SN10) with three Raptor engines took off from their launch facility in Boca Chica, Texas to an altitude of about ten kilometers, performed a rollover maneuver and then returned to the launch facility, where it exploded after a few minutes due to a methane leak
This is not a simulation. The Perseverance robotic all-terrain vehicle and the crane that lowered it photographed each other and the Martian soil in a way that made it possible to document the landing as if it were a landing on Earth. NASA: We wanted to share with the public a once in a lifetime experience * the landing certificate step by step
After the successful landing on Thursday, the engineers began to examine the condition of NASA's persistence vehicle on Mars. Among other things, they published preliminary images from the vehicle's cameras, as well as from the camera of the crane that lowered it to the ground and even from space
The images, in low resolution, were taken by Persistence's road cameras and show the view near the landing area.
Tianwen-1 makes China the sixth country in history to reach Mars. The fifth country to do so is the United Arab Emirates whose spacecraft, Hope, entered orbit around the Red Planet yesterday
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