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The Russian space agency intends to leave the International Space Station

However, no official announcement has yet been made, and even then, the Russians are obliged to give a year's notice in advance * Another proof of the age of blocs of countries in space

The International Space Station. Photo:
The International Space Station. Photo:

The director of the Russian space agency said a few days ago that the country will leave the International Space Station, and according to Moscow this is a result of the economic sanctions imposed because of Russia's conflict in Ukraine, according to Bloomberg.

Two Russian state news agencies - TASS and RIA Novosti - reported on Saturday that Roscosmos Director General Dmitry Rogozin said in an interview that the decision had already been approved.

"The decision has already been made, we are not obligated to talk about it publicly," he said in an interview with state television.

"I can only say this - in accordance with our commitments, we will inform our partners about the end of our activities at the station a year in advance."

Earlier in April, Rogozin attacked the list of economic sanctions that the West imposed on Russia and said that Roscosmos would stop cooperation on the International Space Station with NASA and the European Space Agency.

"I believe that the restoration of normal relations between the partners in the International Space Station and in other joint projects will only be possible after the complete and unconditional removal of the illegal sanctions," he tweeted at the time.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, the United States — along with the European Union and Britain — have imposed a series of economic sanctions against Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin and many people in the leader's inner circle.

For years, the space station has been a bright spot in the relationship between the US and Russia, and this is noteworthy in light of the relations that existed between the countries in the past in the "space race" during the Cold War, when both strongly aspired to gain control of outer space exploration.

But for months Russia has found itself isolated on the world stage, with ties to the multinational project being eroded by Putin's moves.

According to Bloomberg, three American and one Italian astronauts arrived at the space station earlier this week, along with three American, three Russian and one German crew members already on the station.

NASA intends to continue operating the station until 2030.

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  1. You only have space in your lying mind
    There is no space, there are 7 heavens
    You can't leave the country

  2. If the Russians realize this intention. It will take them years to recover. Even so, their space program collapsed. In 2016, the launches of the Luna spacecraft to the moon were supposed to be renewed with the launch of the Luna 25 spacecraft. The last unmanned spacecraft to be launched to the moon was Luna 24 in 1976. Since then not even an unmanned spacecraft has been launched to the moon. The Chinese were on the moon, the Indians were there, the Japanese, the European Space Agency and Israel almost landed on the moon. Not even one Russian spacecraft during this period landed any spacecraft on Mars or Venus. The reasons are two. Lack of budgets and the main reason is that the Russians do not know how to manage. As far as I know, not even one management book has been written in Russian. To withdraw from international cooperation on the space station would be an irreversible mistake.

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