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The new research from Calcutta suggests that remnants of that ancient planet known as Theia are still inside the Earth and explain the origin of the "lumps" near the core-mantle boundary. Other remnants of it coalesced to form the moon
What would happen if the earth did not rotate on a north-south axis (like a shawarma skewer) but on some axis on the equator?
Are events in the distant past, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs, about ten percent closer in time to us? And how does it relate to solar flares? This is according to ongoing research by a group headed by Prof. Yitzhak Orion from Ben Gurion University. In an interview with the Hidan site, Prof. Orion also explains the role of the neutrino particle in the phenomenon
Niv asks: Why does the compass point north if the dynamo that flows under the surface of the ground, under the entire earth, is the one that creates the magnetism?
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