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Opinion: The large power outage we experienced at the beginning of the month may be a preview of what is to come for the Israeli electricity sector with the increase in the frequency of heat waves due to the worsening of the climate crisis. The solutions are in our hands, now we just need to implement them, if we don't change direction, these power outages will only increase
The researchers: "Amphibians and reptiles that live in nature reserves around the world will be more protected from climate change, but are still likely to be damaged."
According to preliminary research, we have already passed most of the limits of resource utilization. The world's resources, including the climate, biodiversity, water systems and other natural resources, have exceeded their limits and reached catastrophic levels. Is there a way to restore the situation?
According to the organization's report published this week in Israel, 5% use renewable energy sources, if we were closer to 12% - the OECD average, it would be easy to avoid the shame of self-initiated power outages during the day in a hot country like ours
At a time when animal species are disappearing at an alarming rate, new Australian research gives reason for hope, revealing that 29 native species have fully recovered - thanks to human actions
For two decades, researchers have been trying to find a way to track a climate system that has a decisive influence on the location of rainforests and deserts on Earth. A new study solves the challenge and reveals the extent of the influence of humans
Studies conducted in Canada found that some of these products contain per- and polyfluoroalkyls (PFAS), some of which are prohibited for marketing, in concentrations significantly higher than the threshold proposed in the standards. Frequent use of these products corresponds to high concentrations of these substances in the body and in breast milk
Many Israelis fear health damage that may be caused to them as a result of radiation emitted while driving in hybrid vehicles - even though these are known to be completely safe. What needs to be done for the public to stop being afraid and start adopting these economical and more environmentally-friendly vehicles?
The State Comptroller's report indicates: the scope of the use of pesticides, which are designed to overcome the problem of pests, is increasing significantly - and harming the health of Israeli consumers. So what do we do? Learn to spray differently
the grass is always greener on the other side? Only if we keep it this way: for many years rich countries have been "throwing" their garbage in the "yard" of other, poorer countries; But recently the European Union took an environmental-social turn and began to promote legislation that would limit the plastic export of the countries in its territory. Does Israel have anything to learn from Europe on this issue?
When a human organ "breaks down" - it is sometimes possible to replace it with another one, but is it possible to replace contaminated soil with another soil? It turns out that it is: this method is called "soil transplanting", and a new international study points to its impressive effectiveness - but also to its limitations
It turns out that the World Bank invests billions in fossil fuel projects, and many investments are made in a non-transparent manner. This situation must change
Earth Day, which falls on April 22.4, is an opportunity to look at our planet as it is today - because very soon, it will look completely different. A glimpse of how our children's and grandchildren's globes will look in not-so-many years from now
A true environmental pioneer: Prof. Avital Gazit, a leading researcher in the field of freshwater bodies - is the recipient of the Israel Prize for Environmental Sciences and Sustainability, which is awarded this year for the first time. "I am not receiving the award for being a brilliant scientist, but for the contribution I had to preserving the environment - which my students will continue, and hopefully, their students as well"
Did you know that trees can be very effective in preventing fires? Yes, this is not a contradiction: in a new Israeli article it is suggested to use orchards as a tool against the spreading fire. How is this move possible and will we soon see more and more orchards "fighting" fires across the country?
Glaciers that stand on flat areas melt at a higher rate than those on mountains, there is a fear that the Thwaites Glacier will soon reach a flat area and then its melting will accelerate
Futuristic water purification? An Israeli company is developing a new desalination method in which nano-robots will clean seawater of problematic salts; This, without removing from them substances that are important for our health
Special for the holiday: these are the stories of some of the most polluted places on our planet, which would not be harmed by a "Pesach cleaning". A dirty trip around the world
A transformation is currently taking place in the Amazon forest, and behind it stands a researcher: Prof. Paulo Artaxo, one of the most important scientists in the world, put together the plan that is currently being implemented in Brazil to rehabilitate and glorify the wounded rain forest. On the occasion of his visit to Israel, he tells how change is being made, explains why the deforestation carried out by the Bolsonaro government was against the constitution - and in fact unnecessary, and delivers a message as clear as the sun in the forest: "It's not too late yet"
Special for Passover: It turns out that slavery is not limited to humans, and various insects survive and multiply in nature thanks to the "slavery" of other species. So what do an army of small ants and Sparta have in common? What were the ladybugs telling their psychologist? And who survives thanks to an army of drugged security guards?
Researchers have succeeded in developing a flexible sensing sheet that is inside a pipe in order to continuously monitor the quality of the liquid in it. By measuring the voltage induced within a layer of carbon nanotubes, it is possible to determine the concentrations of various substances. This research could lead to significant improvements in the field of food quality and environmental cleaning
For several decades dolphins and fishermen have been hunting together on the beaches of southern Brazil. A new international study reveals how this cooperation contributes to the marine mammals' chances of survival and what we must do so that it does not disappear from the world
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