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The Turkish boycott emphasizes Israel's need for economic resilience. When discussing the stabilization of our economic position, one of the topics that comes up again and again is the contribution of natural gas exports to the economy. One of the ways to increase exports is construction
Opinion: The large power outage we experienced at the beginning of the month may be a preview of what is to come for the Israeli electricity sector with the increase in the frequency of heat waves due to the worsening of the climate crisis. The solutions are in our hands, now
Researchers at the Technion and the Yulich Institute in Germany developed a titanium-air battery and demonstrated its effectiveness experimentally
Researchers at the Technion have developed a technology to produce energy from succulent plants
The decision will require new cars sold in 2030 to lower 55% of the emission levels compared to the cars sold starting in 2021. This rate is much higher than the existing reduction target of 37.5%. Furthermore, vans
Discovering the behavior of a material of interest on a small scale could reduce energy consumption in computing
Innovative methods of optimization, which make it possible to "smooth out" the fluctuations in the production of renewable energy by shifting the load in the network according to consumption. The aforementioned energy is stored during times of low consumption, and when needed electric power
A research group from the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering at the Technion, which developed the first silicon-air batteries, reports success in developing rechargeable silicon batteries
A start-up born in the chemistry department in Bar Ilan offers clean and efficient solutions for energy production and storage without polluting emissions
What is renewable energy and what is degradable energy? What are the origins of one and what are the origins of the other? How are energy sources usually sorted and how can they be divided differently?
A development by researchers from the Technion and Primus Power is expected to accelerate the integration of renewable and green energies in the electricity supply
Researchers have succeeded in developing a prototype anode-less zinc-based battery composed of inexpensive materials commonly found in nature
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