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A new Israeli study examined the siksak, a common species of bird - and found that urban siksaks are braver than their rural brethren. Although we usually all appreciate this beautiful feature, it is possible that the change in behavior in question is actually not so positive for these birds
In the Gaza Strip there is no law or supervision against fishing for protected species - therefore, sharks and bats that are in danger of extinction are hunted there freely. A new Israeli study presents a method for collecting data from social networks that allows us to map the phenomenon, and find out what is happening in the Gaza Strip
Google recently published its environmental report, which reveals significant energy savings in its operation, helping its users to act more environmentally and investments in sustainable ventures. Is the picture really so optimistic?
Says Prof. Bela Galil, a senior marine biologist who works as a researcher and curator at the Steinhardt Museum of Nature at Tel Aviv University. In addition, she was one of the three main authors of the chapter on "Effects of biological invasions on nature, nature's contribution to humanity and a good quality of life" in the report Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and System Services (IPBES) International
This raw data is analyzed using methods that take into account the variable distance between temperature stations around the world and the effects of urban heat islands that may distort the calculations.
In order to honor the efforts of the local authorities, the "Equasion" association operates the "Blue Flag" program on some of Israel's declared bathing beaches - an international program for the environmental management of bathing beaches and marinas on behalf of the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) organization.
The cooperative economy tries to provide an answer to the loss of food
This is according to a report by the UN's IPBES committee, the equivalent of the IPCC that reports on the climate crisis
An initiative is needed to save the beaches that are damaged due to human activity combined with global warming.
The research shows that microplastic pollution is a universal phenomenon that is common everywhere, even in the most isolated regions of the world. Further research is needed to understand the effects of this pollution on human health and the environment
They are the children of the summer of 2023: a new Israeli study examined who are the Israeli youth who choose to take part in environmental movements - and found caring alongside a high level of climate anxiety, and also a clear demand of those young people for support from the education system
Dust that came from the Sahara and Saudi Arabia about 11,000 years ago - contributed to the development of agriculture in the Jordan Valley
Opinion: Despite the objections of experts and residents, these days the Prime Minister's Office is examining the expansion of the transportation of the oil of Katsa'a; In light of the dangers involved in such a course - it seems that our government simply does not care enough about the damages of one of the most polluting industries in the world
בתערוכת הבוגרים.ות של האקדעים בצעלאל בלטו בעשועותן העדות הגמר שעוסקות עשועים שמידתים. אלו העידו על סוידים וסטודוייות מלאים באמביציה וברעיונים חדשניים, שב משפרותם המקיום משיום שינים משחפיטי ומעשים סיבים סוגייט שגרי האקלימים
Not keeping up: a new Israeli study indicates that our country has fallen behind in meeting the UN's sustainable development goals. So what do we do? According to the author of the study, we cannot wait for a legislative change - and the time has come for a change from below
The animal that breaks the laws of nature: a new Israeli study reveals that the colonies of the flower botryll, a unique marine creature, age in their entirety - and then return to being young again. The phenomenon received the term "Orshina rhythm" - the Talmudic name of the mythological phoenix
These days, Ukraine is working on a surprising reconstruction plan for the moment after the end of the fighting: the country is not content only with the reconstruction of the ruins, but also seeks to rebuild itself in a more ecological and sustainable way
Climate change may lead to the collapse of the population of lizards that are common in the deserts of the Land of Israel
Opinion: Despite popular belief, ultra-Orthodox society has many more environmental characteristics than we would think. In these days of severe division in Israeli society, looking at the environmental aspect may bring the sectors closer together, and allow us to build a more sustainable future together
The analysis of the global discourse on the networks regarding the climate crisis reveals high expectations from the business sector for finding solutions, while skepticism regarding corporate "greenwash" dominates
A New Zealand study reveals that people who tend to cooperate - also tend to be more environmentally friendly. All together, for the sake of the planet?
Cooperation between non-profit organizations and government institutions from Israel, the USA, Germany and Tanzania with the aim of building an innovative water filtration system using ceramic filters in a school in Babati district reached its peak when a delegation of Engineers Without Borders-Israel from an important project in Tanzania
For most people, "changing attitudes to nature" is nothing more than a purely academic side job, but this change is deeper. A fundamental and necessary change is required to preserve and protect biological diversity and to protect human and animal populations around the world from harm
Researchers are documenting the damaging impact of worsening drought and wildfires over the past three years
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