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Researchers from Ben Gurion University followed divers in Eilat for 15 years and found that the placement of the artificial reef reduced the pressure of diving on the natural reef
Researchers from Ben Gurion University have developed an artificial intelligence model that predicts the embryo's chances of rooting, based on information from fetal siblings from the same treatment cycle
One of the diseases resulting from such mutations in the PHOX2B gene is the disease CCHS. This is a rare and life-threatening syndrome in which babies, children and adults stop breathing as soon as they fall asleep. The patients must be connected to ventilators in order not to die in their sleep
Krim suggests a close link between low levels of testosterone and anxiety disorder, although the exact nature of this relationship remains unclear. Clinical evidence suggests the potential of testosterone in alleviating anxiety and depression, especially in men with low testosterone.
Researchers from Ben Gurion University offer an innovative explanation for this unique behavior of the fairy circles phenomenon: a combination of phenotypic adaptation at the level of the individual plant, by deepening the roots of the plants into more moist soil layers, and of self-organization in space at the population level
An international group of scientists, including researchers from Ben Gurion University, suggest adding a natural molecule that will significantly reduce biological infections in the oral cavity.
A new book examines the views of the country's founding father
"This is the first measurement ever made of the free fall of antimatter (antihydrogen) atoms that directly shows that they really fall down," explained Prof. Eli Sharid from the Physics Department at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the member of the ALPHA collaboration group
"The more the field of artificial intelligence advances, the easier it is for these networks to fool us and pretend to be very similar in their behavior to humans. But when we activate the appropriate tools, we can see that there is still a way to go until we reach algorithms that very accurately imitate human behavior
The doctoral thesis of Dr. Liat Hooper from the Department of Social Work and the Faculty of Health Sciences revealed for the first time the existence of gender differences in the health and mental consequences of baldness, as a result of the radiation against ringworm
The project is an important step towards proving the ability to grow plants on the moon in order to produce healthy food for astronauts who will land on it in the future. Finding new ways to maximize sustainable food production on Earth also keeps the research team busy.
Significant progress towards personalized medicine in the field of psychiatry, with the help of a helmet that induces electromagnetic stimulation of the brain.
An extraordinary study by a researcher in the field of Talmud at Ben Gurion University and a bat researcher at Tel Aviv University has resulted in the development of an innovative tool for analyzing the social connections created between the sages of Judaism and Christianity in the first centuries AD
Ben-Gurion University in the Negev answered the question with two studies that suggest using machine learning for common laboratory tests. These studies were recently presented at the Medical Informatics Europe​ (MIE) conference in Nice, France.
Prof. Yair Neuman from Ben Gurion University accepted DARPA's challenge and succeeded in developing an artificial intelligence that would recognize social norms and the Parthen. The research findings were published in the prestigious journal Scientific Reports
A team of researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has developed a breakthrough technology that includes a revolutionary new test that will predict the response of cancer patients to immunotherapy with a higher percentage of accuracy than existing technologies. The results of the research were published in the prestigious magazine "Science Advances"
The shrimp has a particularly bright white color on its back and limbs that are intended to attract fish, which it 'cleanses' of pests it feeds on. An in-depth examination of the white substance using special electron microscopes revealed that the substance consists of an incredibly thin layer of very dense nanospheres (spheres of very tiny diameter)
An international research group led by scientists from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev discovered among a species of crabs a mechanism that produces a unique eye shine that reflects light in a color adapted to the color of the water in their natural environment and thus enables camouflage in different habitats. The research findings were published in the journal Science
At the Biorobotics Laboratory of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev under the direction of Dr. David Zaruk, they presented the AmphiSAW robot, which draws inspiration from the worlds of biology and nature and is friendly to fish and the environment. It works both in water and on land, is used to feed fish and monitor their condition, and assists in rescues in disaster areas and more
The research carried out at Ben Gurion University focused on the VDAC1 protein that controls mitochondrial activity and controls cell life and death
According to Prof. Zvi Ganel from Ben Gurion University, one of the researchers involved in the study The growing interest in age estimation using artificial intelligence (AI) technology raises the question of how AI compares to human performance and whether it suffers from the same biases
Climate change and its devastating impact are well known. However, in the last two years we are increasingly witnessing the threatening consequences of extreme climatic events, as was the case last summer in England when a temperature of 40 degrees was measured for the first time. The situation will only get worse and accelerate the extinction of many living creatures, says Prof. Uri Roll, one of the leaders of the research
The desert landscape brings with it an extensive field of research. This time, a research group from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Geological Institute analyzed the shape of the landscape in the popular hiking area and pointed to the model for the development of Nahal Peretzim in its unique form
Professor Vared Tzin from Ben-Gurion University's desert research institutes isolated the genes that help wheat defend itself against pests. The discovery has enormous significance for wheat crops in the world
A comprehensive study examines the methane gas, one of the main greenhouse gases, under the frozen ground in Alaska. A collaboration of environmental and climate change scientists from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the University of Fairbanks in Alaska have produced a database that will make it possible to improve assessments in the Arctic regions
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