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Brigadier General Avraham Asahel was appointed head of the Fisher Institute

Asahel replaces Brigadier General Assaf Agmon, who has held the post for the past ten years.

Brigadier General Avraham Asael, head of the Fisher Institute. PR photo
Brigadier General Avraham Asael, head of the Fisher Institute. PR photo

Reserve Brigadier General Avraham Asahel, a combat navigator in the Air Force, has been appointed head of the Fisher Institute for Strategic Air and Space Research, and he replaces Brigadier General Assaf Agmon, who has held the position for the past ten years. As part of his role, Asahel will lead the institute's activities in the fields of civil and military aviation and space research, and will be responsible for the institute's relationship with government aviation authorities, research centers, academic institutions, bodies and organizations operating in fields including safety, security, economics, regulation, planning and infrastructure in Israel and abroad, and on the relationship with donors and friends of the institute.

Asael, 64 years old, brings with him experience in the field of aviation and security, after a long military career as an air crew member and commander and thousands of flight hours. Upon completion of the pilot course, he was assigned as a fighter pilot in Phantom aircraft in the 201 squadron where he served in several operational roles. During the Yom Kippur War, his plane was shot down during an operational activity in Syria in the "Model 5" operation to attack the anti-aircraft batteries of the Syrian army. He was injured in his leg which was severed in captivity. In 1974 he returned from captivity to Israel and with continued treatment and rehabilitation he insisted on returning to operational activity and was converted to a transport pilot. His military career continued as a navigator in this formation in a transport and intelligence squadron and then he was appointed commander of the combat navigation course at the flight school and for positions at the corps headquarters. Later he was appointed the commander of the Ovda base and the chief instructor at the National Security College. As a lieutenant colonel he served as the chief education officer and IDF attaché in France, and after his release he directed the preparation course for IDF attachés around the world. Asael holds a bachelor's degree in economics and business administration and a master's degree in political science from the University of Haifa.

Agmon summarized his role today and said: "During the last decade, the Fisher Institute has positioned itself as one of the world's leading space, aviation and security research institutes. I was happy to lead the many moves in the field as a professional body linked to the leading research institutes in the world, which greatly helped the decision makers in Israel with targeted advice and guidance. After ten busy, enjoyable, complex and educational years, I felt that I wanted to free myself to my family and my occupations, and I am sure that my successor, whom I have known for many years, will continue to lead the institute to new and even higher achievements."

Reserve Major Herzl Budinger, chairman of the Fisher Institute, says on the subject that: "The board of the institute and myself at its head thank Assef for his long and successful tenure and welcome Asael. Assaf led the institute to extraordinary achievements, and among other things we can mention the promotion of space exploration and science education among the public in general and young people in particular, his concern for light and domestic aviation and providing tools for devising a security-political strategy for the decision-makers. During his tenure, the institute published a large number of groundbreaking studies in the entire world and strengthened the relationship with the leading research institutes and academies in the world. Hundreds of experts from Israel and the world participated in every conference of the institute and we were privileged to have worldwide visits and collaborations with the most important factors in the institute's research fields. Assaf strengthened the institute's relationship with its friends and donors in the world and helped a lot to finance the research. Avraham Asael, a veteran and highly privileged officer, was chosen by the board of directors to face the challenges and continue the research momentum."

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