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The "Outstanding Online News Project" award at the Eilat Communication Conference 2012, and a certificate of appreciation for a contribution to the popularization of science in 2009, and many accolades

The knowledge site established in 1997 provides an essential service to the Israeli public, and there are also those who understood this and removed the usual cynicism regarding projects of this type. It is interesting to note that the awards cover both the scientific aspect (and shows that there is recognition of the site's adherence to the principles of scientific accuracy) and the news aspect.

Popularization of science

At the second science communication conference in Israel, the editor of the science website Avi Blizovsky was awarded a certificate of appreciation for his unique contribution to the popularization of science.

The following are the words of the jury: "Avi Blizovsky is the founder and editor of the Hidan site, the leading content site in Hebrew in the fields of science and technology. The site, which has not yet celebrated a decade of its existence, is updated every day and dozens of researchers regularly write on it. The site also provides content services to YNET's science channel, thus managing to spread scientific news beyond the limited law of popular science seekers in Israel. Avi Blizovsky is an example that the determination of one person can change the menu offered to the Hebrew surfer."

The certificates are signed by Dr. Meir Zadok, the Academy's CEO; Dodi Goldman, editorial member and science reporter, Yedioth Ahronoth; And the organizing committee of the convention: Dr. Eilat Baram-Zabari, Ilan Filo, Avital Bar, Prof. Elam Gross, Prof. Idan Segev.

At the same event, Zohar Guri, the initiator and editor of the children's science newspaper "Rosh Gadol" and Sonya Feldman from the British Council who organized the "PeymaLab" competitions, also received certificates of appreciation.

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An excellent online news site

Three years later, in November 2012, I won the award again as the editor of the site, this time for the media aspect of the site as a news site that is updated daily and sometimes several times during the day when the events require it. The award was presented at the Eilat press conference by representatives of the Tel Aviv Journalists Association and Google.

From the reasons of the committee of judges: "Avi Blizovsky received the award for the digital journalistic project "the scientist", founded by him in 1997. This is a news site dedicated to innovations in the field of science, space, environmental quality, nanotechnology, and more. The site is highly regarded by the scientific establishment in Israel. "

I shared the prize with Tal Schneider, the owner of the political blog "Haflug".

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Award ceremony at the Eilat press conference 2012. Moderator: Gadi Soknik

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