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June 29, 2022

Segiv and three of his colleagues from the USA won the prize for their contribution to the development of self-assembling materials * The research opens the foundations for building much smaller chips and developing a completely new type of medical diagnostic products
What is the connection between the conspiracy theory about COVID-XNUMX and vaccines, chemtrails and the conspiracy theory about evolution and science in general? What does this connection say about the generic, stereotypical and one-dimensional way of thinking of the conspirators?
NASA and the US Department of Energy are funding the development of initial design concepts for a 40 kW FSP system that is planned to operate for at least ten years in the lunar environment
In this disease, the body produces substances similar to those found in cannabis, which damage the kidney * University researchers have found a way to improve the medical treatment of diabetic kidney disease, which affects approximately 30% of diabetics in the world. The new method that is adapted to each patient can prevent the damage, and even the development of the disease
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