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The artificial intelligence follows employees, ostensibly to make sure they do a good job. Should employers be allowed to track their employees using artificial intelligence?
The Light Bio company has developed petunia plants that contain a lighting garden of fireflies. Will they give up the street lights?
The Russia-Ukraine war began to slide into situations where Ukrainian robots fight Russian robots, and even attack robot factories in the heart of Russia. The attacks from last week already involved robots with basic autonomy, at least according to the Ukrainians' claim
The Cow of Heaven project aims to find a way to produce milk protein from bacteria that feed on carbon dioxide and hydrogen
The day is not far when we will see the first autonomous games. These will be games created by artificial intelligence from start to finish
Am; Lek: You should read this record. It may win you a lot of money (up to 30,000 dollars), and along the way also help humanity in general, and Israel and the Jews in particular.
Abel Cruz was only a child when he first realized that he could use banana leaves to save him an entire hour of work every day.
An American farmer who illegally cloned a giant sheep - and tried to develop a new hybrid species throughout the United States and release it into the wild
Sam Altman personally invested 375 million dollars in a company called Helion that is trying to develop a nuclear fusion reactor. So far this mission has not succeeded, but now artificial intelligence may improve the planning,
two drops. That's all it took to cure Aisam Dam from homeland destruction, forever. Two drops that were instilled in his ear and gave the 11-year-old boy the ability to hear - for the first time in his life
Implanting a chip in the brain as recently done by Elon Musk's company Neurolink can, if done correctly, save patients with severe brain diseases, and that the patients no longer respond to drug treatment
Thanks to an accidental discovery in the laboratory, researchers were able to improve plant growth and give them resistance to drought and salinity conditions, by exposing their seeds to a plant hormone in a simple and easy-to-apply process
Rai Kodan wrote the book that won the award with the help of artificial intelligence that gave her complete sentences - which the author inserted in the book in its entirety. She estimated that about five percent of the entire text in the book consisted of sentences
Let's start with the short and unsurprising summary: researchers trained artificial intelligence to act maliciously - and it did act maliciously. Apparently, the story ends here. But the devil is in the details
In short: researchers have created more tiny robots, which in the future may help heal wounds, restore tissues and even treat diseases. The interesting innovation is that the robots are made of human cells, which joined together by themselves (with a slight boost)
A new competition to stop aging with prizes of 101 million dollars
A new study, published in mid-August in the prestigious journal PLOS Biology, reveals a way to decipher the songs playing inside the brain. In doing so, he also provides an explanation about the way in which different areas of the brain differ
The answer to the threats of artificial intelligence on the labor market: lateral roots
Even programmers are starting to fear that ChatGPT will replace them. How real is the threat?
Chinese researchers propose combining genes from tardigrades (water bears) to improve the ability of human cells to deal with radioactive radiation
Autonomous taxis have indeed reached the roads in some cities, but they are still far from replacing taxi drivers, or capturing a significant share of the public transportation market. On private autonomous vehicles - those that are owned
What will humans look like a million years after the appearance of the Homo sapiens species?
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