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Missions to asteroids and comets

The composition of asteroid Psyche can tell scientists more about Earth's core because the two objects may have a similar structure. Both probably contain platinum, nickel, iron and possibly even gold - materials of commercial interest
On the way there, the spacecraft will receive a gravitational push from Mars. It is expected to reach the orbit around the asteroid in the first stage in June 2029
The Osiris-Rex probe returns to Earth small samples of the asteroid Beno, a "real small world" for analysis
DART, which is the world's first attempt to change the speed and trajectory of an asteroid in space, is trying a method to deflect asteroids that could be useful if such a need arises in the future to protect Earth. 
Lucy was launched on October 17, 2021 on its mission to study Jupiter's Trojan asteroids to gain new insights into the formation of the Solar System 4.5 billion years ago
Organic materials have been found on meteorites before, but Yabusa was the first time a sample of an "S-type" asteroid was observed to contain organic molecules. It even came directly from the source, and was not subjected to significant periods of time on Earth before being tested.
The Yabusa 2 spacecraft itself continued on its way and will meet with another asteroid in 2031
It turned out that the lid of the tank was stuck with a lump of soil and did not close. The decision made was to reduce as much as possible various operations and store the material as quickly as possible. In addition, two facilities that were essential for taking the soil samples and which were no longer essential were disconnected from the spacecraft. These actions made it possible to close the lid of the tank
In the coming week, the engineers and scientists of the mission will try to estimate the size of the collected sample, and if it is smaller than the target of 60 grams, another contact attempt will be made in January
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