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The evolution of airbags began somewhere in the 50s of the last century, and it continues to this day. How have airbags developed throughout history, and how are they expected to increase travel safety in the future as well?
Autonomous taxis have indeed reached the roads in some cities, but they are still far from replacing taxi drivers, or capturing a significant share of the public transportation market. Private autonomous vehicles - those that are privately owned - have nothing to talk about at all. what went wrong?
The association operates with funding from the Innovation Authority and the Department of Smart Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation and integrates companies from complementary fields *
Metropolin, Egged, Dan and Netiv Express (each separately) will cooperate with start-up companies and international transportation companies to operate pilots of autonomous buses, first as part of an experiment and following that a license to operate in areas to be determined
Researchers have built a mathematical model for building thermophones, which may eliminate the noise caused by the engines of cars, airplanes, and more
This problem in artificial intelligence is also called "belief space planning". Solving this problem, i.e. calculating the set of optimal actions to achieve the goal, requires an estimate of the potential actions under some reward or price function such as distance to the goal or a measure of uncertainty
Dror Bin, CEO of the Innovation Authority: "The Innovation Authority sees great importance in promoting the field of robotics in the State of Israel. Developing and strengthening capabilities in the field of robotics may give the relevant companies a significant competitive advantage in the sale of advanced robotic systems in the world market, both as complete systems and as an important component in autonomous systems produced by third parties."
The beginning of the experiment is expected in the second half of the year * it will be possible for up to 500 cars to participate in the experiment
The plan includes a wide deployment of charging stations for electric vehicles and the conversion of gas stations to hydrogen refueling
The agricultural operating system (AgOS) developed by Fieldaine already works in 5 of the 10 largest agricultural farms in California and supports more than 20% of the world's almond crops
In order to emphasize the dangers that exist in hot cars, Ford ordered ice sculptures simulating a 12-month-old baby and a Labrador dog, placed them inside a car, set the temperature outside the car to 35 degrees Celsius and within 19 minutes they heated the temperature in the car to 50 degrees Celsius. The ice sculptures melted immediately
The unmanned ship MAS400 is named after the ship Mayflower, which brought the first immigrants from England to America 400 years ago. She will navigate a journey that will last about three weeks using artificial intelligence, cameras and sensors, and will also conduct scientific experiments to study the climate and the sea
The data will be shared on a unique technology platform in the world that was launched today by the Israel Smart Mobility Living Lab association, which brings together a consortium of dozens of technology companies and public bodies in the field of smart transportation
Portalix and Viomatics, the largest safety testing equipment companies in the world, held a demonstration that showcases Portalix's ability to combine and manage a physical safety test with vehicles in real road conditions alongside tests in a computer simulation
"Connected" car technology already alerts Ford drivers to safety incidents; Now more drivers will benefit from road safety warnings. Included jointly - BMW, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, TomTom, HERE Technologies and EU Traffic Management Centers
IBM and Peru Mare's autonomous ship MAYFLOWER is expected to cross the Atlantic Ocean to collect environmental data
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