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Following the drying up of the Mediterranean Sea about five million years ago, valleys developed in its southeast that are about eight kilometers wide and about 1,000 meters deep
In addition, the Ministerial Committee for Science and Technology approved: the formulation of a national plan to promote the Blue-Tech field in Israel
An initiative is needed to save the beaches that are damaged due to human activity combined with global warming.
Plastic continues to dominate every good plot: new research reveals that the amount of microscopic plastic on the ocean floor has tripled in just 20 years. Moreover, the microplastic at the bottom of the sea almost did not crumble or break down even after decades
The American company Ocean-Based Climate Solutions has developed a pump system that will pump nutrients from a depth of 400 meters to the surface and allow the growth of tiny algae that will carry out the process of photosynthesis and absorb the carbon in the atmosphere, so that it will eventually sink to the bottom of the ocean
The harmful chemicals can be found in a wide variety of consumer products such as food packaging, toys, medical devices, adhesives and more
This announcement more than doubles the area of ​​protected marine areas in the maritime space in Israel and is a leap forward in the protection of the unique natural values ​​in the Mediterranean Sea
European scientists have proposed the first steps towards a unified global plan to save our oceans, for human health and the well-being of us all
IBM and Peru Mare's autonomous ship MAYFLOWER is expected to cross the Atlantic Ocean to collect environmental data
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