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For 1.5 billion years, the mitochondria - the powerhouse of the cell - have been sending DNA segments to the cell nucleus, and they merge with the DNA in the nucleus. A new study found that the contribution of the mitochondria gradually decreases
Why do we think our nature is so bad? Why do we believe that constant warfare is a basic human drive?
In this chapter we will examine whether social morality is a product of religions, or a universal biological trait that preceded cultures and religions? And how humanity can unite in times of emergency
In a symbiotic reorganization, the organism functions much better than its individual cells or parts.
The debate on whether human nature is good or bad from youth is an ancient one, Ehud Amir believes that although it may seem the other way around, human nature is good from youth and the bad are the exceptions. Chapter One
What is the connection between the conspiracy theory about COVID-XNUMX and vaccines, chemtrails and the conspiracy theory about evolution and science in general? What does this connection say about the generic, stereotypical and one-dimensional way of thinking of the conspirators?
"Brandolini's Law" states that the amount of energy required to disprove a conspiracy theory is ten times the amount of energy required to produce it
In the fire in the Jerusalem Mountains that broke out on August 15, thousands of animals died and about 25,000 dunams of forest (about 25 square kilometers) burned - more than burned in the Carmel disaster in 2010. Could anything be done, especially in view of
An attempt to explain the obvious. Ehud Amir goes over the conspiracy theories created around the corona epidemic and explains why they are unfounded
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