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October 4, 2022

This was announced by the SpaceIL association. ImageSat is an old Israeli company that provides high-resolution satellite photographs of sites on Earth, and now one of the devices on Lavinia will map the moon in collaboration with researchers at Ben Gurion University
The remains of the opium were found in pottery excavated at Tel Yehud, in an excavation conducted by Ariola Yakoel on behalf of the Antiquities Authority. The pots that contained the opium date to the 14th century BC, and they were found in the tombs of Canaanites and were apparently used as part of the local cult of the dead
The treasure is evidence of a dramatic moment in the country's history - the conquest of the Byzantine Empire by the Umayyad House. Archaeologist of the Israel Antiquities Authority, Dr. Yoav Lerer: "Whoever buried the coins in a wall must have performed a miracle on his soul in the hope of returning and collecting his property, but he was not successful."
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