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March 2, 2022

The award was given to Prof. Zak for "developing mathematical tools such as 'Zak transformation' and 'Zak phenomenon' used to decipher the phenomena of electrical conduction in a magnetic field. These tools enable the prediction of materials with unique properties for the construction of electronic devices
The Academy expresses its concern in view of the planned reform in the studies of the compulsory subjects in the field of humanities in the state education system (history, Bible, literature, citizenship, Tosheba), and wonders about the way in which it was decided
Each of them will receive an award of $300,000 for achievements in researching the past and as support for their future work * An additional $300 was allocated to a new international post-doc program for history subjects at Tel Aviv University * The ceremony - at Tel Aviv University in May
Researchers at Tel Aviv University found a connection between a bacterium in the grasshopper's gut and the destructive phenomenon of swarming and migration
A technology developed by researchers at MIT and the Technion is expected to lead to a leap forward in the efficiency of X-ray machines and CT systems and in the speed of their operation. Prof. Ado Kaminer, head of the Robert and Ruth Magid AdQuanta laboratory, is a partner in the study published in Science.
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