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November 27, 2021

The raffles were conducted by the fundraising platform Omaze and Sir Richard Branson raised an expected $1.7 million in grants to support the Space for Humanity project to democratize space travel
A black hole is a mysterious celestial body. Einstein's theory of relativity taught us a lot about black holes, but many question marks remain about what goes on inside. It is likely that the picture will become clearer as soon as a quantum theory of gravity is discovered, but until then we will content ourselves with the collision of quantum mechanics and general relativity around the event horizon. In this chapter we will discuss the paradox that arose from this collision, the multitude of published solutions and the fascinating developments of the past two years
In recent days, the World Health Organization has given a unique name to the strain of the corona virus, which has undergone many mutations and may bypass some of the defenses * Dr.Roey Tsezana explains the reason for the concern
"Brandolini's Law" states that the amount of energy required to disprove a conspiracy theory is ten times the amount of energy required to produce it
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