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November 14, 2021

An international team of astrophysicists from South Africa, the UK, France and the US have found great variation in the brightness of light seen around one of the closest black holes in our galaxy, 9,600 light-years from Earth, and they
The scientists of the institute discovered that the blood vessels "separate" between cell division and branching in new directions. The findings imply that chemotherapy treatments may encourage the growth of blood vessels in the tumor
The researchers: "It may be possible to characterize certain adults as having a high risk of increased deterioration due to the events they have experienced throughout life. Awareness should be raised about the link between stress and trauma and health decline in old age, and build
The future is already here - researchers at the Hebrew University have succeeded in genetically editing lettuce and making it particularly healthy and rich in nutritional values. Five leaves of the improved lettuce per day will provide the recommended intake of vitamin C for a person
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