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July 23, 2021

An experiment conducted in the physics department at Bar-Ilan, in the research group of Prof. Bina Kalisky, using a unique sensor developed by the researchers, documented a phenomenon that breaks conventions in the field of the transition of a material from a conductor to an insulator. The observation in the instrument
Prof. Yehu Moran from the Hebrew University, one of the leaders of the research: "Sea lilies have lived and thrived for the last 600 million years despite the presence of many viruses, so their immune system is probably effective. A possible disadvantage is that I can
In studies conducted using a new model, based on data measured in sands from the Kalahari Desert in Africa and the Simpson Desert in Australia, researchers were able to find that the ancient sands date back so far - several million years at least,
The embarrassment column leads the "chronically shy" to ask: Why do you blush? And why inside? and how does it work?
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