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A new satellite will serve the subscribers of Google's map service - Google Earth

The satellite that will be launched today will transmit images with a resolution of half a meter per pixel, and it may be necessary to lower the resolution before uploading them to the website to comply with US laws

The WorldView I satellite
The WorldView I satellite

Digital Globe, a content provider for Google's GOOGLE EARTH interactive map system, said that a new, high-resolution satellite will speed up the accuracy of satellite data and expand the archive. The new satellite, WorldView I, will be launched on Tuesday.

Together with the company's current satellite, Quickbird, it will offer a resolution of half a meter and will be able to take 600 square kilometers of images per day, compared to this amount per week in the current situation. The company already has a huge photo archive of the Earth that includes 300 million square kilometers of land taken from satellites and from the air.
The company's CEO, Jill Smith, said that the launch, which will be broadcast on the Internet, and the planned launch of another satellite in the WorldView II series at the end of 2007, are important milestones for the company.

According to Smith, Digital Globe is a private company, which is still working to issue its shares in the coming years. "Our business is as strong as we expected," she said. "The key is to keep meeting the deadlines we set for ourselves."

When the third satellite is launched, Digital Globe will be able to collect over a million square kilometers per day in high resolution.

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