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Will the end of the world come this Saturday, May 21?

Update, six o'clock in the evening has passed in New Zealand without any special events * The rabbis (Christians in this case) are continuing their worldwide repentance campaign through a new invention for the mornings of Judgment Day, if humans do not repent until the end, the world will be destroyed.

Reverend Harold Camping's doomsday poster
Reverend Harold Camping's doomsday poster

Update, 21/5/2011 12:40 PM Although the story is fundamentally false, media outlets all over the world are covering it extensively today. And it turns out that you don't have to wait for six o'clock in the evening at any local time to know that there is nothing. Residents in New Zealand, where Reverend Harold Camping predicted that a wave of earthquakes would start that would shake the whole world, are reporting on Twitter that everything is still in place even after the appointed hour has passed.


By Nancy Atkinson

Why are humans fixated on the fact that the world will come to an end? From Nostradamus to Marshall Applewhite of the Heaven's Gate sect (whose members committed suicide in 2007), countless false predictions have been made that the world is going to be destroyed. The latest prediction is from Harold Camping, a pastor from California who said that the second coming of Christ will occur at six o'clock in the evening local time in every time zone around the world this coming Saturday, May 21.
While he claims to have used math to predict this event, perhaps a better use of math would be to examine how many times all kinds of weirdos have given wrong predictions about the end of the world in the past, and so far the percentage of error has been 100%. Camping himself is accused of wrongly predicting the end of the world in 1994, so the resume is not so good either. Mathematically, based on the number of past predictions about the end of the world that were successful, the chances of Camping's failure this time are 100%. has prepared a fascinating overview of all these predictions, but it seems that humans love doomsday predictions so much that they even made movies about them. And by the way, the prediction based on nonsense that the world will be destroyed on December 21, 2011 also fits into this category. And we have already published a series of articles about it.
Interestingly, many predictions in the past about the end of the world were accompanied by increased religious fanaticism (and you can see this in the picture) or an attempt to make money (Camping has so far raised donations worth a total of 120 million dollars from fearful believers). One of the last was Reverend Ronald Weinland who sold many copies of the book "2008: God's Final Witness" in which he predicted the end of the world two years in advance. (And we are already surviving three years later).
Before that was the mass suicide of the Heaven's Gate Cult, where Applewhite's followers killed themselves so they could be taken by an alien spacecraft accompanying the comet Hale-Bop in 1997. (Unfortunately, that was their end). The forecast included accusations of a cover-up by NASA, which allegedly knew that an alien spacecraft was hiding in the comet's tail.
TV preacher Pat Robertson predicted that the end of the world would come in 1982. What's scary is that Robertson then ran for the US presidency.
Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church predicted that the world would end in 1891 and a group called the Seventh-Day Adventists predicted the end of the world in 1843.
Some of the misscience included the Bug 2000 scare (which also turned out to be nothing), and there were some who claimed that the planetary alignment would rip the Earth off course (including such a prediction for the year 2000 by Richard Nunn). The return of Halley's comet in 1910 may envelop the earth in toxic gases and of course all the 2012 predictions, based on really inaccurate science with malicious intent and cunning tactics of trying to scare people.

Nostradamus is one of the long term doomsday contracts. His writings, written in an obscure form, have inspired humans for over 400 years. The Harepole allowed for a flexible interpretation which in turn helped the contracts to rely on Nostradamus' predictions, and to claim that some of them had come true. By the way, one of his predictions contained a date - in 1999, in the seventh month from heaven, the king of great fear will come."
It is therefore clear that it did not happen, just like all the other predictions. The one given here is just an example of incorrect predictions over time.

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  1. Father, what do you mean that regarding the prophecies of 21.12.2012 they did not talk about an hour? that we haven't specified any time when this is supposed to happen? Besides that, all the articles about 2012 on the "Hidan" website are very detailed, but not about all the theories. What about the I Ching prophecies, threats from space (some believe that a solar maximum, an asteroid or a gamma ray burst will come, beyond Nibiru and the comet) and Nostradamus' prophecies? There are also prophecies from the Bible in addition to all these prophecies, so that there were no refutations to all the theories and prophecies regarding 2012.

  2. All this is ridiculous, I just see this date and I'm laughing. Where do you live? As they said about Bug 2000 and 2009 and 2011, how much nonsense?? Only God knows when it was.. Besides, why did they suddenly say about 2012, what they didn't have enough time, so from 2009 they scheduled it for 2012? I would set the end of the world for a good few years, only people with a great imagination believe in such a thing and all the volcanic eruptions or earthquakes that happened in Japan is not a coincidence, this is what he is doing on purpose because he is angry with those countries and even we did not have a strong earthquake of such intensity back then How do you determine that there will suddenly be an earthquake that will determine the end of the world? And for us God "did not do this because we are a holy land and we are the closest to it" so we still have enough time to live.. and this rumor broke out because one person made a film about 2012 so everyone took it seriously and turned it into one big rumor

  3. Momo (47)
    Don't be hard on yourself... you can just be content with asking what you didn't understand, there is no need to get down on yourself and use a derogatory term like an idiot, after all you just showed a little ignorance. To get the information you are missing, search Wikipedia under the entry "towel".

  4. I suggest launching a campaign that will encourage the public to stock up on towels...

  5. The Vatican already acquitted Galileo about twenty years ago, and in any case the Vatican deals with astronomy for its own reasons, the Vatican Observatory has existed for hundreds of years and I even mentioned it several times in articles on the science website. From the exchange between the current Pope and Hawking it is clear that Benedict is a creationist, in contrast to John Paul II. He even received funding for his progress and election within the Vatican from the Protestant Discovery Institute.

  6. Carrie, if something happens in 2012 it is a complete coincidence, because earthquakes and tsunamis happen all the time, every year we hear about earthquakes.
    2012 became the global intimidation campaign. Look how much money the pastor made who decided that today is the end of the world.

  7. Avi Shalom,

    Although my comment is not related to the article, I saw fit to comment on the article about "Faith".
    I recently noticed that the Vatican is "advancing" in terms of its attitude to space exploration. While other religions outright deny the existence of life in the universe, the Vatican has declared that it recognizes the possibility of life outside of Earth. Furthermore, today a news was published in YNET, (referring to the small news that run on the right side of the main page and not the article)
    In which it was noted that the Pope congratulates the astronauts on the International Space Station for their courage.
    I thought it would be nice if an article appeared on the science website that would investigate the reason for the Vatican's approach to the field of astronomy and the recognition of the possibility of life outside the "tiara of creation" as other religions believe.
    Is it possible that this is an indicator that soon the Vatican will also recognize evolution and the other issues that stand in the scope of the dispute between religion and science?

  8. To my father Blizovsky
    What are you basing your claim on when you claim that nothing will happen in 21012? Everyone is talking about something happening, you can't underestimate it, maybe something really will happen and we will all die, who knows???

  9. We went through the end of the world safely today and we didn't even feel it, so we will go through December 21, 2012 (by the way, they didn't talk about an hour there...)

  10. Did you see? No end of the world just garbage They will probably kill this camper for all the money he extorted.

  11. For those who haven't noticed, the end of the world happened many, many years ago. Since then we have all been in hell.

  12. Giving a platform to such information is no less delusional.
    And why include Bug 2000 as a mystical matter? are you getting this one

  13. Do you understand this, father? You can open a delusional website, post some delusional news there, issue a message "The end of the world is here, updates on the "delusional" website", and make a fortune from advertisements on the website.
    It is a miracle that there is science at all.

  14. point:
    Say, aren't you the same one who told here before that we are on a collision course with a black hole?

    It is true that the matter is ridiculous, but there are such childish comments here.

  15. Point, the dollar is weak.
    post Scriptum. This idiot priest, time is a human invention, there are places with daylight saving time and some that haven't switched to daylight saving time. What will the end of the world do when he passes through China and reaches Pakistan, will he wait two and a half hours (the time difference at the border crossing)?

  16. Update from above: the end of the world has been brought forward, and it will take place in an hour and a half Jerusalem time. The reason, the newly designed Big Bang made a quantum leap a few hours earlier.

    Anyone who wants to save themselves should write here, I opened a new bank account for deposits intended for those who want to save themselves from the end of the world. Deposits in dollars only.

  17. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what nonsense, whoever wrote it, he is wrong, as if it really is like they said that the world will be swallowed by a black hole.

  18. Do not be alarmed by 26 referring to local software that was activated in the kibbutzim
    And not for the Interior Ministry software.

  19. In Bug 2000 there was actually quite a bit, the world just came ready
    Towards it (for example by replacing the DOS operating system
    in windows and rewriting tens of millions of lines of code),
    But it was impossible to be sure that they had not forgotten some
    Critical lines until after the moment of truth. It is likely
    that at the moment of truth, control and supervision systems were turned off from thoughts
    or be augmented by human inspectors

    In places where the software has not been fixed, as in some systems
    Tickets of subways in Europe were found to be faulty.

    In Israel, a population registration software (which was not tested) malfunctioned
    because she was not defined as critical) so much so that the women were deleted
    from the registry and the men "married" each other. The end of the world for them
    of the straights and the women……

  20. In my understanding, all the prophecies express a deep sense of impending change but interpret it in a banal and simplistic way.
    There is an end to an age of consciousness and a beginning of a different trend of thinking and this is what is happening gradually and accelerating. All the frames of reality we are used to are falling apart.
    It is expected that the pace of changes will increase even more after the end of 2012. We will live and see. In the meantime, the news does not cease to amaze with surprising and dramatic happenings. And it is a fact that today the reality is completely different compared to just a few months ago...
    Food for thought.

  21. Not the whole world will die if it is true a third of the world will be wiped out

  22. There was also a version with Bill Gates where the two good news were:
    1. My status as one of the world leaders was proven when I was called to a meeting with God together with the leaders of the USA and the USSR
    2. We will not have to fix the bugs in Windows 95

  23. This is the height of a joke (a bit nostalgic)
    God calls Gorbachev, Bush and Rabin to him to bring them a message.
    At the meeting he tells them that the end of the world is coming in a week, go and tell the news to your people
    Gorbachev turns to his people and says I have two bad news. The first is that there is a God we were wrong all these years and the second is that the end of the world is a week away.
    Bush turns to his people and says, I have two pieces of news, one good and one bad, the good is that we were right all along, there is a God and the bad is that the end of the world is a week away.
    Rabin turns to us and says I have two pieces of good news, the first is that there is God and the second is that the intifada ends in a week.

    Or the sleepy guests won't come tomorrow.

  24. Password FAQ Members List Calendar Mark Forums Read חחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחחח
    I have never seen anything funnier than this in my life
    These retarded religious people try to scare people for a crossroad of hearts and faith, the majority for zibi money, another reason why not to be religious

  25. Basing Israeli policy on a book from 2500 years ago is dumber than prophecies about the end of the world.

  26. Humans love, or rather, know how to fear the end of the world because of a real primal fear: Humans know and see around them every day how fluid everything is, and how thin and fragile their everyday shell is.
    Look at the villagers in Japan whose world ended in one second without any warning. Even for those among them who are left alive - the end of the world has come.
    An earthquake that could happen under our feet in years or in a few seconds would be the end of the world for quite a few of us.
    In this case, the religions were simply trying to bring order to this real horror. By promising to delay the end because of prayer, or delaying the end to an uncertain date.

  27. 16

    It's just a shame that others initiate it and make money from it. (And another 120 million dollars!)

  28. Ronnie Tauber and Max Power,

    What you describe happens in almost every software all the time. Happens and is resolved. In Bag Alfiim they talked about a total collapse of the electrical systems, the computing, the management of the roads, atomic reactors and much more. I remember a long article that explained how satellites would break down and there would be no way to repair them because the spacecraft would also not function. Components in the depths of the sea will collapse without the possibility of replacement or repair. And in the end what happens? I don't think even one person lost a single hair from their head because of the horrible bug.
    Ah, accept a correction and an apology, yes there was damage, lots of vehicles appeared in the abnormality report.

  29. The 2000 bug was also there, I worked for a public company that owned a fleet of vehicles, in 1999 new vehicles were bought with the year of manufacture 2000, the computer system had two fields for recording the year of manufacture and the vehicle was entered as the year of manufacture 00, all the vehicles appeared in the exception report, a 99-year-old vehicle could not be refueled (Dalkan 2000) and not issuing a care card, the problem was solved only after changing the software, adding fields for the year of production.

  30. Our evolution is thanks to the fear of the end, without this fear we would be incapable of long-term planning.

  31. I even remember (due to my extreme age), the articles in the newspaper about a significant number of rabbis who claimed that the "end" would come in the Hebrew year XNUMX.

  32. You mentioned Fear Bug 2000 and wrote that it turned out that there was nothing in it either. I'm a computer programmer, and I found and fixed bugs in Bug 2000. You write about things you don't understand. Why are you even hosting in the science?

  33. Arnon:
    What's the point of having a dead king - even one that no one remembers because everyone is dead?
    On the other hand - go understand idiots - so maybe after all...

  34. 8
    Bro, I asked him and he said he didn't know. But he suggested I get a filling in tooth number 16..

  35. Nostradamus never wrote that the world would end, and the Mayans didn't write anything about the end of the world either. With Nostradamus: there are commentators who are looking for publicity, and they collect sentences that are not related to each other, and build scary theories on them, because otherwise: how will they hear about them. And with the Maya: they simply decided to end their calendar entries in 2012, and this does not predict the end of the world, but is more reminiscent of the child who asks: "Teacher, what should I do when I run out of paper?"

  36. I think I know what drives those people.
    It's like filling a tutu with NIS 50, if you lost it's not bad, there are many more like you. But if you were right - you came out king!!!
    In short, I am betting on February 22.2.2022, XNUMX.

  37. I suggest that we do as Douglas Adams wrote: build a large spaceship to survive the destruction
    And we will put all the clergy on it, cleaners who ring phones, etc.
    We will join them later...

  38. Does he still exist? I was sure that the moment Dana didn't win the Eurovision it was the end of the world

  39. Oh, what nonsense, everyone knows that the world will be destroyed on December 21st and not one day before.

  40. Here is a more reliable forecast than Camping's:
    In 3 days I will write a joke here.

  41. There are rumors that soon the spaghetti monster is going to unveil a new Bolognese sauce.
    And that we all die.
    let's pray

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