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Gil Schweide and Avigdor Vilanz among the winners of the innovation award at iNNOVEX2018:

This year's winners are Gil Shvid, founder and CEO of Checkpoint; Prof. Michal Schwartz, world leader in a new approach to treating degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Dr. Orna Berry, director of the Dell-EMC Center of Excellence, Avigdor Vilanz, serial entrepreneur and founder of Galileo and Anforna Labs

Shlomo Gerdman, co-chairman of the 2018 iNNOVEX conference. PR photo.
Shlomo Gerdman, co-chairman of the 2018 iNNOVEX conference. PR photo.

The winners of the Global Innovation Leader award for 2018, which will be awarded as part of the iNNOVEX2018 conference, are: Gil Shvid, founder and CEO of Check Point - the Israeli high-tech company with the largest market value and the inventor of the firewall; Prof. Michal Schwartz, a world leader in a new approach to the treatment of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Dr. Orna Berry, director of the Dell-EMC Center of Excellence and Avigdor Vilanz, founder of Galileo, Anaforna Labs and a leading investor in many others.

The badges will be awarded to the winners by Mr. Aharon Aharon, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority, as part of the festive closing session of the iNNOVEX2018 conference, the main technological innovation event in Israel, which will be held this year for the sixth time on February 7, 2018 at the Avenue Convention Center in Kiryat Airport.

The Global Innovation Leader badge is awarded annually to people who have had a substantial impact on technological innovation in the Israeli and international arena. This year's nominees join a long and distinguished list of winners from previous years, including: Dr. Irwin Jacobs, founder and CEO of Qualcomm Co.; Prof. Hartmut Esslinger, founder of the Frog Design company and the first industrial designer of Apple products; Dean Kamen, developer of the Segway; Dr. Henry Samueli, founder and chairman of Broadcom; Maurice Kahn, founder of the Yellow Pages and Amdocs; Ehud Shabtai, Amir Shanar and Uri Levin, founders of WAZE; Steph Wertheimer, founder of Iskar; Dr. Danny Gold and the Iron Dome developer team; Professor Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram, entrepreneurs of Mobileye; and many more".

The members of the committee for selecting the winners of the Global Innovation Leader award include: Aharon Aharon, CEO of the Innovation Authority; Haim Russo, chairman of Tusheide (former CEO of Eloup and vice president of Elbit); Ruth Polcheck, CEO of Fincheck, founder of the Shecodes women's community; Ruthie Ader, director of Samsung's innovation center in Israel; Yair Shoham, director of the Intel Capital fund, Rafi Koriat, member of the Camtech board of directors and chairman of the Nanotechnology Association; Dr. Leonid Beckman, founder of the Israel Institute of Innovation and Shlomo Gerdman, CEO of ISC and co-chairman of the iNNOVEX2018 conference.

According to Shlomo Gerdman, co-chairman of the 2018 iNNOVEX conference: "The iNNOVEX 2018 conference focuses every year on the newest directions in the world of technology and innovation. We are hosting a series of innovation experts from all over the world at the conference. At the same time, we choose to honor figures who brought about a fundamental change in the field of innovation and give them the global innovation badge. It is very important that young people in Israel get to know these figures as an example and model of innovation and creativity that characterizes the knowledge-rich industry."

The iNNOVEX 2018 conference will focus on encouraging connections and collaborations between mature and multinational companies and young and innovative start-up companies, and is expected to attract about 2,000 engineers, researchers, scientists, managers in high-tech companies and start-ups and venture capital investors. For the first time in Israel, the conference will hold an interactive panel that will deal with the topic "What will our lives look like in 2030?” and the audience's responses to the poll will be shown on a huge screen during the discussion.

Dozens of lecturers from all over the world and Israel will take part in the NNOVEX2018 conference, multinational and Israeli companies will present developments and innovations that will affect our lives in the fields of communications, medicine, automobiles and transportation, IoT, data security, agriculture, green energy and more. Among the dozens of speakers at the conference are: Ken Kawashima, VP of business development and innovation at Lenovo; Adrian Chernoff, who is currently considered the innovation guru of the Fortune 500 companies; Dr. Christian von Raventlov, Product and Innovation Manager at Deutsche Telekom; Simona Cooney, CTO of the INFRALAB laboratory; founder of Enel Green Power and Benny Schneider Housing and Construction, a serial entrepreneur who recorded exits of over a billion dollars; Tzipi Ozer Amron, CEO of Luminis; Dr. Shlomo Markel, Vice President of Broadcom; Dr. Orna Berry, Director of the Dell-EMC Center of Excellence and more.

More details can be read on the conference website:

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