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Why astrology is not a science

The basic assumption is that the Earth is a special place in the universe, an assumption that science has not accepted for 400 years


Astronomy is a science. This is the field of study of the objects in the universe. Stars, planets and comets are studied to know what their structure is and what their origin is. As a science, astronomy has interrelationships with other sciences such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. Astronomy refers to the Earth as one of millions or even billions of bodies in the universe.

Astrology is a belief system. The belief that the position of the sun, the moon and the planets against the background of the stars of the Sabbath affects the personality of people and shapes their lives. The fundamental assessment is that the Earth is a special place in the universe. This article discusses the differences between these two approaches.

The planets and the zodiac

Astrologers discuss the position of the planets in relation to the background stars. The astrologers say that Mars is in Virgo and therefore this and that will happen. The basis of astrology is the position of the sun, the moon and the five planets that can be observed with the naked eye in view of the patterns created by the stars. These patterns are called "systems" or "signs" (without constellations). The sun, the moon and the planets are all called "planets" by astrologers. The Sun and Moon appear larger than the other planets and therefore their influence is greater. The other five planets have different qualities:

  • Venus - is a bright object in the sky and is named after the Roman goddess of beauty Venus.
  • The star of Mercury - Mercury - is a silver-white planet that rotates rapidly around the sun and was therefore named after the messenger of the gods.
  • Mars - its color is red and because it is the color of blood, Mars is considered the god of war (March in Latin).
  • Jupiter - Jupiter is the king of the gods because he spends a year in each sign of the zodiac.
  • Saturn - Saturn is a planet full of hatred because it is relatively pale, its faded yellow color and its slow movement among the stars.

Each constellation in the zodiac has a planet associated with it. The astrologers will say, for example, "The bull is led by Venus." Astrology is based on each person's birth charts. The position of the sun, moon and planets is recorded on the zodiac at the moment of birth. The zodiac signs rising or setting at that moment are also recorded. Astrologers will use this information to assess each person's personality and traits.

In fact, the zodiac signs are artificial areas in the sky that were originally invented by humans. They are based on the pattern of stars visible from Earth. All the stars in any such system are randomly scattered across the sky. Templates have no meaning. Each culture used its own templates, where the West uses names like bull and scorpion, the Chinese used mouse and snake. Astronomers still use these signs only because it is convenient for orientation in the sky. It is easier to say that Mars is in Virgo than to say that it is at coordinates five degrees south, 177 degrees west

Zodiac signs have a real existence in the heavens just like countries on earth. They are used in the same way. It is easier to say "London is in England" than to say that London lies at longitude 51 degrees north and longitude 0 west. Constellations, like countries, are a human invention.

Signs and zodiacs

There is another confusing point. The systems that astronomers use are not exactly the same zodiac signs that astrologers use. The signs of the zodiac are based on the constellations that existed 2000 years ago, when their modern - Latin - names were used. The signs are an astrological convenience and they ignore the two completely different types of solar calendars.

The astrological signs lag a month behind the astronomical ones. When the astrologer says "the sun is in Cancer", the astronomer will look for it in Gemini. If Mars is in Virgo from the astronomical point of view, this means that if we look at a constellation known in Western culture as "Virgo", it will be possible to see the red planet among these stars. However, when an astrologer says that Mars is in Virgo, he is talking about an abstract astrological sign that has no physical signs. Actually Mars will actually be in Leo. The difference between the two solar panels is due to the astronomical phenomenon known as "precession".

(And the "Hidan" editor's note, at the request of the readers, I explain what a nakipah is. According to a dictionary found online on the website Tilt is the rotation movement of the Earth's axis. In addition to its movement around the sun, and its rotation around its axis, the earth performs an extremely slow movement. The Earth's axis of rotation spins like a spinning top that is about to fall. Because of this fact the celestial poles are not fixed. The movement of the nakifah takes the earth 26 thousand years. That is, in a few thousand years the North Star will not be found at the North Pole. One of the stars that was in the past, and will be the North Star in the future, is the bright star Vega, in the constellation Harp.)

An astrologer will make the predictions based on the position of Mars in an imaginary sign. An astronomer could point to Mars and he would find it among the stars of Leo.

Also saying "Mars is in Leo" is not true. Mars will be in the same direction as Leo. These stars themselves are at different distances. It's like pointing at a building and saying: "The hand is inside the building."

Mars is supposed to be the god of war due to his color which reminded the ancients of the color of blood. Mars is red because its surface is covered with oxidized iron - rust. Also the constellations used in the West are not the ones used in other cultures. The Chinese and Indians use a completely different series of zodiac signs, as well as a different number of signs on the zodiac. The signs on the zodiac wheel were created by humans and do not exist in the universe.

The astrologers invented the signs of the zodiac - the houses - differently from the zodiac signs themselves after the effect of the nikpah began to be noticeable and known to all. If you compare the constellations to countries on Earth (France, the USA, Namibia), then the signs on the zodiac are linked to ancient kingdoms that no longer exist (Babylon, Phoenicia, the Ottoman Empire). Each virtual sign, or house as astrologers call it, in the zodiacal wheel is 30 degrees wide in the sky. This is how the astrologers defined them. The signs that astronomers use are all different sizes, just like the countries on Earth.

Some astrologers will say that a certain astrological sign represents the essence of a certain part of the year, almost like a seasonal influence. However, in each half of the earth there is a different season at the same time of the year. Some regions have four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) while other regions have only two seasons (dry and wet).

The stars are not the cause of the seasons. They are convenient signs of the apparent path of the sun around the stars of the sky. The meaning in the visible orbit is because the movement of the sun in the zodiac is due to the movement of the earth around the sun. The seasons were created because the Earth's equator oscillates 23 and a half degrees from the plane of the Earth's rotation around the Sun.

On June 21, the northern hemisphere passes the summer solstice. 2000 years ago the sun would have hidden the stars of Cancer group at the same time. Hence the expression Tropic of Cancer was born. In fact, on the banks of the solstice today, the sun will be in the sign of Gemini. If a total solar eclipse occurs at the same time on the day of the solstice, twin stars will be seen around or near the Sun.

In astrology, a person's star sign is one of the 12 signs of the zodiac - the sign that the sun is in on the day of birth. The dates when the sun moves from sign to sign are well known. In astronomy - meaning in reality, the sun passes through 13 systems in the sky. The following list provides the exact dates for all signs that the Sun was in in 2003 and will be in early 2004. Beginning in spring in the Northern Hemisphere. All notes related to the seasons refer to the Northern Hemisphere. The dates change by a day every 70 years or so so that the data is suitable for the coming years.

Coincidentally, the word zodiac means "circle of animals" in Greek.

  • Pisces - March 12 to April 18 - the spring equinox occurs when the sun is in this sign (March 20-22). The origin of the name is from the Babylonians. The stars of the group are very blind.
  • Aries - April 18 to May 14 - Greek in origin (the stag with the golden wool). The group has a row of three stars. 2000 years ago there was the vernal equinox when the sun was in this sign. With the Assyrians it was a prince and became a stag or lamb (young stag) after they started sacrificing animals at that time of the year
  • Taurus - of Greek or Minoan origin. The god Zeus in the form of a bull set out to kidnap a Phoenician princess. It is a rather prominent sign that includes two bright star clusters: the Pleiades (Kima, or the Seven Sisters) and the Hyades. The brightest star is Aldarbaran (bull's eye, in Arabic).
  • Gemini - June 21 to July 20. The twins Castor and Pollux. They were the sons of Zeus: one was immortal and the other was not. The summer solstice occurs when the Sun is in Gemini (June 21-22). The Northern Tropic should be called the Tropic of Gemini. A prominent group above Orion.
  • Cancer - July 20 to August 10 - a small and dim group with a rather nice cluster of stars, Per Praesepe (The Beehive).. The group appears in the story of a Greek hero - Hercules.
  • Leo - August 10 to September 16. A large and impressive group. It also appears in the story of Hercules. Its bright star is Regulus - from Latin - leader.
  • Virgo – September 16-October 31. This is the largest group in the zodiac. This is Demeter - the Greek goddess of wheat. The bright star in the group is Spica (Latin - the ear of wheat). The Autumnal Equinox occurs when the Sun is in Virgo (September 22-23).
  • Libra - October 31 to November 23: a small and pale constellation. It was originally the claw of the scorpion but the Romans separated it to better balance the calendars because the autumnal equinox occurred when the sun was in this area of ​​the sky 2000 years ago. This is the only sign that is not associated with an animal (and a person, for that matter, a Sagittarius or a Virgo - is an animal).
  • Scorpio - November 23 to 29. This is the scorpion that killed Orion - the hunter. In the sky, Scorpius rises just as Orion sets so the two groups are never seen together. This is a great system, especially in the southern hemisphere. Its bright stars are Anthras, from the Greek - the rival of Mars due to its strong red color. The name Scorpio is used only by astrologers.
  • Ophiuchus or in Hebrew the bearer of the snake (November 29 to December 18). This is the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius, shown holding a snake, a traditional symbol of healing. This region of the sky contains many star clusters and the Milky Way.
  • Sagittarius - December 18 to January 19. This is Croesus, the son of the Greek god Pan and the inventor of the bow and arrow. This part of the sky contains the brighter part of the Milky Way as it appears toward the center of the galaxy. It is not visible from the northern hemisphere. The winter solstice occurs when the Sun is in this group (December 20-22). Thus the southern solstice should be called the solstice of Sagittarius.
  • Capricorn - January 19 to February 16. This is a small and obscure group. originated in Babylon.
  • Aquarius - February 16 to March 11 - another obscure group originating in Babylonian astrology. In those times it was the rainy season when the sun crossed this area of ​​the sky. The group was once called a goose and in other times - a peacock.


Astrology is based on a number of basic assumptions that have lost their validity in the last two thousand years. It was formulated when the sky was considered a crystal ball whose center is the earth and whose stars are scattered inside the ball. The stars and planets were the gods surrounding the earth. The earth was therefore at the center of the universe. The earth was made up of four "elements" (earth, air, wind and water) while the heavens were made of the fifth element the ether. This is the basis upon which the astrological theory was built.

We know that the Earth is one of nine planets orbiting the Sun and that it is itself a fairly average planet no different from other stars in the sky (apart from the fact that it is closer). We also know that there are more than four elements (closer to a hundred). More important: we know that the stars and planets are made of the same elements that the earth is made of. We are part of the universe.

In the past there was no difference between astrology and astronomy. The two grew up together in a world of spirits, gods, souls and mysticism. Many people believed that the ancient peoples had knowledge that was lost in time. Some ancient ideas were right. Others were completely wrong. There are many examples of this:
Let's take for example the ideas of Aristotle. The idea that dolphins are mammals is true. And against him the following ideas of Aristotle are wrong: the earth is in the center of the solar system; Objects of different weights fall to the ground at different speeds; The brain is an organ used to cool the blood; The heart is the center of emotions; The material is made of four elements.

The ideas of Pythagoras: two ideas are correct, when he correctly interpreted the properties of a right triangle; The root of the number 2 can never be written as a fraction; On the other hand, he was crazy when he believed that there are only five planets because there are only five regular geometric shapes.

The scientific approach

Only through observations can an idea be confirmed or rejected. The fact that the ancients believed in something cannot be relied upon to confirm the idea. You can't say something is true just because a lot of people believe it. For most of history, humans believed that the earth was flat. You can't say something is true just because a famous scientist believed it. Isaac Newton discovered the laws of gravity (correct) but also wrote books about angels. You cannot say that angels exist because a genius like Newton said so. The laws of gravity have been confirmed by observations of objects moving under the force of gravity and their trajectory is the one predicted by the law. There is no other way.

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity is considered one of the greatest achievements of human thought - but he himself did not agree to accept a large part of the results of quantum mechanics, the other pole of science in the 20th century. You can't say that quantum theory is wrong just because Einstein didn't like it. Only nature can answer the question of whether this Torah is true.

It is also important to separate cause and effect. People notice that in the British winter, when the moon is visible in the sky, the plants close up. People believe that the moonlight harmed the plants. Actually he didn't cause anything. When the moon is visible, the sky is clear. When the sky is clear, the frost is subdued. It is the frost that kills the plants and not the moonlight. The clear sky (cause) caused frost to form (effect) which killed the plants and also caused the moon to show (effect). The dead plants and the visible moon are both results of the clear sky. The moon and the dead plants are not directly related. Most astrology is based on this kind of argument.

For life on Earth, the Sun is the most important object in the sky. But this does not mean that the planets have an effect on the earth or on us - humans. Some astrologers use ebb and flow as an explanation for astrology. The explanation is as follows:

  • The moon creates the tides (correct).
  • The tides are an attraction of the water found on the earth (almost true, but not exact).
  • The human brain is made mostly of water (true)
  • Therefore - the moon affects the brain.

The argument only sounds good if the listener doesn't fully understand how the tide works. The tidal force of the Moon on Earth depends on the Moon's mass and its distance from Earth. It also depends on the latitude of the Earth. Remember there are two tidal events per day. Therefore it cannot be only that the moon attracts the earth. The width of the earth compared to the distance between it and the moon is much greater than the width of a person compared to this distance. It's hard to imagine, but it's mathematically proven.

Astronomy is based on the scientific method of observations, reduction and experiment. Astrology is not based on these things. All the experiments that have been presented regarding astrology have been inconclusive at best, and have been proven wrong in most cases. Astronomy is a science that can make testable predictions. Astrological predictions are trial and error. In fact the same result can be obtained through simple luck.

For an article on a British scientific website dedicated to debunking mysticism

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  1. It is a belief in a delusional theory that the charlatans trying to add a scientific touch to it as a way of trying to convince their target audience with beautiful words. It is clear that neither they nor the target audience who probably does not understand what science is and what is the right way to prove any theory are not the target audience of this website and therefore such a detailed article is rather "wasted" here.
    What could be more interesting is information about studies that try to find out the source of that "defect" that makes humans enjoy following beliefs in general, whether it had an evolutionary benefit and maybe find a cure for it.

  2. Aryeh Seter, I don't think anyone thought that all humans grow up randomly, it's clear that every little detail in the baby's growing environment affects him in some way in the end. And the season of the year is much more than a small detail.
    Likewise, there was a war at that time, so it would also be reasonable to find closer character traits between those born in the same year of birth.

  3. A British psychologist named Eysenck, often deals with the character trait of introversion versus extroversion (introversion - extroversion) and even wrote a test named after him, which quantifies the level of this trait in the examinee. In the research he published he found a correlation between the test score and the astrological luck of the examinees. The first thought that came to my mind when I read this - that this is related to the season of the year in which you were born. If you spent your first months of life in summer or winter - this may affect your character trait. The influencing factors - for example if you were covered with a lot of blankets or not, or if you were taken out for a walk and you met a lot of people or you were cooped up at home.

  4. Uncle,
    Another study that may interest you was conducted about 25 years ago at the University of Berkeley, by a researcher named Shawn Carlson.
    in brief:
    About 30 well-known astrologers from the USA and Europe received data on birth dates and other essential astrological information about about 116 people.
    They were asked to prepare a character analysis of each of them, and how they manage in their lives.
    After that, each astrologer received an objective character analysis (using a method approved in advance by the astrologers) of 3 people - one on whom the astrological analysis was conducted and two other random ones.
    The astrologers were asked to identify the profile for which they prepared the astrological analysis.
    The success rate was 33%, just right for a random success rate!
    The researcher's conclusion was as follows:
    "...astrology was given every reasonable chance to succeed. It failed. Despite the fact that we worked with some of the best astrologers in the country..., despite the fact that astrologers approved the design and predicted 50 percent as the 'minimum' effect... astrology failed to perform at a level better than chance... The experiment clearly refutes the astrological hypothesis.”


  5. David,

    Gravity does have an effect on us, but at the vast distances of the planets, this force dwindles to almost zero. As an example, the effect of Jupiter on a person standing on the Earth is approximately equal to the force of gravity exerted by an apple falling near that person. Although Jupiter is much larger than the apple, the distance of Jupiter from the Earth makes the gravitational force it exerts zero.

    As for the traits you find common to different zodiac signs, you might be interested to hear about the following experiment:
    They went to an evening class, took the birth dates of each of the students there and gave them to an astrologer who wrote a unique horoscope for each of them. The volunteers were asked to determine how accurate the horoscope was, and almost all decided that the horoscope described them with a good level of accuracy and compatibility. Only then did the experimenters discover that they had all received the exact same horoscope, written for the date of birth of a known serial killer.

    This means that people are much more alike than we tend to think. Horoscopes play on people's tendency to find what is right for them, and neglect everything else. In my horoscope (Taurus) it says that I am sensitive, domestic, love flowers and have broad shoulders. I do love flowers (who doesn't), love my house (again, do you know anyone who doesn't?), don't like hurting people (don't know anyone who likes hurting people), and I just don't have broad shoulders. That is, 3 guesses out of four are correct, which is pretty good. But those three guesses were equally suitable for every person on the street.

    Shabbat Shalom,



    my new blog - Another science

  6. It's a shame that the general reference to science comes from those "astrologers" who publish their nonsense every week in the newspaper, in our sources, "Sefer Zahar", astrology is used as an active tool, the reference to the subject in "Zahar" is based on the gravitational fields that exist between the planets in our solar system and the effects of these gravitational fields on Human actions on earth, since we have already reached the human understanding that, in the bottom line, we are made up of animals that can certainly imagine how they are affected by gravitational fields as strong as those in our system, it is unfortunate that science does not yet devote resources to researching the subject in depth, and more on the tip of the fork... I have never read an astrology book and since 1997 or so I have been asking almost every person I meet {and I meet a lot} what zodiac sign they belong to, the amount of common traits that exist among zodiac signs {at the group level} is too amazing to give up on research... :-)
    Shabbat Shalom…:-)

  7. Jupiter is the king of the gods simply because even in their time they knew how to calculate that Jupiter is bigger than the other planets.

  8. When each group of astrologers advocates some other lie, it does not matter so much, for the rationalists they are all liars, and it is precisely the differences between these lies that prove their falsity. And as for the man in Amuntalo to live, it would have been possible if not for the damage that the astrologers cause to their believers and the rest of the public.

  9. And I must protest that you presented the world of astrologers as one and unified body. You forgot to mention that Egyptian, Greek, Indian and maybe Mayan astrology are different and contradictory. I think here there is a clear case that "a man will live by his faith", therefore whoever wants to believe in Indian astrology, please move there, and likewise I ask the zodiac lovers to move to live in Greece (ancient, if they succeed...).

    Now all I have to do is look for "the country of common sense people who use science instead of superstition to manage life"...

  10. Point, I am a very practical and learned person far beyond your understanding at this moment.
    Anyway, we wish you luck.

  11. Hogin must think about this and understand as soon as possible that spirituality does not mean using language on an associative basis as much as possible. That's what everyone does anyway.
    The associative connections between words are not cosmic connections, but just disorder and illogicality, and in short brain trolling.
    The sooner you understand this, the better.

  12. At 33 I will allow myself to say: "Of all my opponents and opponents I have been educated."

  13. Dear *our* point, I suspected a little that your point is the one that hits my 'special nerves', but since I am not suspicious, I allowed you to remain anonymous or be revealed.
    Believe me, that everything is for the best. Let's hope.

  14. Hugin,

    Your response (32) is a fascinating and wonderful example of "oily and blind arrogance/borrowed and saturated, fatal and terrible obfuscation"

    You defined yourself well...

  15. י

    Moreover, Anonymous: it is possible that the extensive knowledge I have gained may indirectly help you to get out of the blind slavery in which you and your ilk are held captive by wrong thinking, wrong and wrong opinions unknowingly and perhaps falling into the extroverted and forgetful ignorance. And perhaps also oily and blind/borrowed and saturated arrogance, fateful and terrible obfuscation. (unpleasant, the product of a despicable chain).
    All this is still clear.

  16. to anonymous
    Ha, ha *I* don't have a problem with that, I don't work for them or anyone or for anyone and I don't take other people's money. On the contrary, I recommend to everyone of sound mind to learn from everything, in order to be wiser in the fateful and strange life.
    Anyone who despises or despises any wisdom ends up being a despiser of himself, his name and his life - nothing more.

  17. It is permissible to ask why the editors of the site are challenged to refresh/or tease the readers of the science (and every time anew) in the "Knowledge" corner, on the subject "assigned in their eyes by the 'science'" "Astrology"!!! Snake's tail, etc..
    What exactly is the secret or the trigger behind the subject - so clever and slandered???
    What 'impulse' activates the editor to shove such stupid and genius wisdom in our face?
    Did you know how many would like to respond, but are afraid of blocking and censorship?
    Did you know how many would like to respond but are afraid to make themselves 'ridiculous' in the eyes of the internet mob rule?
    Did you know how many would like to disprove the falsehood but are afraid of the enthusiasm of the 'brains' on the site?

    Hello to the bold and the brave: control A control C

  18. Astronomy advocates 13 systems instead of 12.
    In reality there are 13 months and not 12 as the Christians divided them 2000 years ago.
    The astrology you know is superficial and general.
    It describes a "personal" map for a person based on the month he was born but does not refer to the day and year.
    In order to understand astrology, you need abstract thinking, and therefore the use of symbols and animals on the "zodiac", in order to simplify it for the perception of humans.

    This is a field that goes much deeper than you imagine or what is dealt with in the newspapers and on television.

    We are all particles in an orbit, with a certain charge, the stars in the sky affect all of us according to their orbit, each one according to his personal charge.

    Anyone who is interested in receiving truths about his personality, at levels that he is not sure he was aware of, is invited to publish his date of birth.

  19. to hug
    I read the comments and smile. I said what I had to say at the beginning.
    Besides, as you must have guessed with confidence, this weekend will be saturated with thoughts and employment, above average.
    Good Day
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  20. Humanity, in general, has already recovered from these superstitions, but - as they say - every rule has an exception.

  21. McCain
    Bless you.
    Your every word is a pulsating and eternal truth.

    Hugin: In the song of Hillel.. what a soldier's watch that does not rest.. day and night beats tick-tock-tock-tock.
    And Yehuda???? How are you baby? Is everything okay??

  22. You have no understanding of astrology...
    Astrology claims a correlational relationship between the heavenly bodies and our lives and processes and not a causal relationship between the two... The stars do not cause events in life they symbolize them...

    What's more, that before the word 'science' became a religion, astrology was the science of the world and the best minds in humanity (much brighter than you...) dedicated their lives to astrological research...

  23. Amadeus
    The truth is that I happened to sit on the computer for a moment.
    Since I'm a little tired and there's no need for me to repeat myself too much. You can see in response 9
    My implicit reference to the matter less than a month ago.

    Good night - Happy New Year

  24. For those who know how to place maps, if you set the sunrise time for tomorrow, you will see some geometric formations
    Very interesting: also the triangle effect, in the triangle. Also the rhombus-diamond, also the square, if you look at
    The hypotheticals, there is more to see.. Personally, I don't see any geometric chaos, on the contrary, a very interesting hack.. Suits me.. hahaha
    It should be taken into account that Shchili is excellent at building the Towers of Babel - literally - take that as the top consideration..
    Besides, I really don't understand what my children are being pumped about at school, Mr. Shumati walks over them in horror, regarding tomorrow's experiment 10.9 .. in short: not relevant.

  25. A word about technical analysis in stock trading - first, it is based on statistical methods that are indisputable. Statistics are of course based on the past and therefore when a trader uses technical analysis to perform actions he actually believes that the past predicts the future ("what has been will be"). It doesn't always work but statistically (and you have to smile here) the trader will predict correctly more times than he will predict incorrectly. The reason is that the past does predict the future many times (statistically...). Another reason that technical analysis works is that many traders believe in it and therefore behave accordingly, thus a self-fulfilling prophecy is obtained (many believe that a stock will rise, they all buy and therefore it rises). When does technical analysis not work? In moments of crisis, for example, when events happen with a very low probability. I highly recommend a book on:
    Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    (Not just for merchants, of course).


  26. To the cool lovable
    To remind you, you are the one advocating that everything is in the head.. (see your previous comments), indeed, in the spirit.
    And as for a control group, the funniest thing, the laugh of fate, that even the researchers will be confused... it will be a celebration
    hahaha..prove to us who we are..where we came from..and what carries us..

  27. You are quite wrong, because it is known that even placebo drugs have an effect, so always when testing the effectiveness of some modern drug, the group being tested is compared to a control group that takes a placebo drug without knowing about it. This is the A-B of the study..

  28. Of course, from some airy substance that is harmless and inexpensive, the placebo will be prepared for laymen... that is also a question
    It should be taken into account...
    And again, I have a fart on the subject: "Which rich man is happy in his share".

  29. And by the way,
    To our cool cool, I really like your sparkles, because my spirit is like walking on them
    "Gal-Nusha" is added to the articles.
    You mentioned the drug "placebo", indeed I am waiting for the sting year of all pharmaceutical companies-experience
    Kabir to test everything - the placebo.
    This practical experiment will show that it is indeed the world of thoughts and beliefs that actually controls, and it is not
    The material itself.
    I hope that the echo will reach all the minds involved in the research of the drugs, which may be more harmful than
    Donate, and free an entire world from idiotic enslavement.

  30. This is great!
    Astrology is not obliged to define itself under science. It is wisdom.. the mother of all sciences.
    It's a common mistake to ask someone how lucky you are, really fucked up.. because all the zodiac segments are included
    In the scope of the holographic seal of the imprint, which is attributed as a global observation to examine events.
    The wheel, which is tested for a certain amount of time, is similar to the gaheim box that allows you to see from the entire circumference of the circle
    Of all illusions. And there are also sub-aspects of grams and factors, which are not visible at a certain moment on his face.
    At the same time, it is built on many and multiple methods, as in science there are branches in the different approaches, and there is no shortage of research.
    Rambam at the time rejected it, after investigating it, because he discovered that people have a tendency to fixate on sayings
    As blind fools, and not seeing beyond that.
    Astrology does not need to deal with the "Haggadah", but with an abstract and broad understanding, even with subtleties
    The keys to awareness of the processes of today and now.
    If now we are approaching autumn... this is a fact. This is a given. The rhythms of time are bulls, at every moment,
    about our actions and plans.
    Even if it is said that the spirit and imagination have no limits and time... it still turns out that even states of thought and consciousness
    There is a correlation with the rhythm of the universe clock dance.
    There is no obligation to agree with anything.
    Everything we oppose, due to the blindness of lack of proficiency in any field, is no different from any blindness in everything
    another field.
    This is why real learned people will always continue to learn.
    Those, who think for a moment, that they are finished... indeed the scroll closes on them and they finish.
    Nature, wonderful in its wonders, and makes it possible to understand its ways and its cosmic intelligence, in any way..personally, the place
    Mine likes logic. Indeed, astro-logy, or astro-sophia allows for the expansion of many observations and views, and the expansion of horizons.
    And all the disqualifiers disqualify.

  31. To my father

    Astrology "works" without going into the definition of what it is, it works from anywhere, it works just like any other field in the social sciences, to say at correlation levels of
    Truth cannot be compared to the exact sciences, but Hir is able to face any field in the humanities and social sciences with dignity

  32. The situation in which a person sits in front of an astrologer, reading tarot cards over coffee can be explained as follows: on one side of the table sits a charlatan and on the other a fool.

    In my opinion, only a stupid person can believe in astrology, and since most astrologers are smart people who make a good living at the expense of the oil, I believe that none of them really believe in what they are doing.

  33. Astrology does work and not for the right reason.
    Because both children and adults whose personalities are not developed enough adopt the traits of their luck by identifying with the characteristics of their luck from reading books and the like.
    Admittedly, the future cannot be predicted with astrology
    But as far as the subconscious is concerned, predicting the future affects the future.
    Likewise, it is always possible to construct a prediction that will explain the past.

  34. People are looking for ways to understand and control their lives better and turn to crooked ways like astrology.
    Astrology not only does not provide them with control
    It enslaves them to false beliefs and imposes on them character and traits that they did not ask for
    It's too easy to connect to a grocery list of traits that are found in everyone regardless of the date they were born.
    It is much more difficult to get rid of them

  35. A simple example to illustrate between thinking on the way of scientific logic, despite one (and more) unusual case?

    There is a regular relationship between two brothers, when one of them knows that his brother buys a lottery ticket once a month, and also from time to time surprises him with a visit, at least once a week.
    The brother who doesn't buy a lottery ticket, loves his surprise visits, and wishes that his brother wins the lottery ticket.

    What is the difference in probability of winning the lottery, compared to a surprise visit?

    Logic says that the probability of a surprise visit is greater, even if in the event that the long-suffering brother suddenly learns that, unexpectedly, his brother won the lottery, and postpones his visits until the near future.

    This case of an exception to the rule, and not indicative of the rule, requires the distinction: even when receiving a minimal result in a probability test; The probability method will always remain as a tool for performing probability tests, which in the vast majority of cases will pass the probability test.

    To summarize: this single example indicates that even if there is an unexpected result in probability; Probabilistic calculations will in most cases support the conclusions. And if we are talking about probability as a scientific tool, it is clear that scientific observations, with physical or other legality, determine: because the scientific method (in this case the probabilistic one) will determine.

  36. Technical analysis of stocks is also not a science, but it works
    And not only does it work, technical analysis has become the basis of various trading theories. So basically it has become part of science even though it itself lacks any realistic basis.
    Many parts of science have no basis in reality
    And yet they stand as if suspended in the air
    By the same theories that supposedly provide a realistic basis.
    Faith creates science

  37. It is naive to think that the astrologers will not be able to organize astrological charts for people far from the earth, for example those staying on Mars or the Moon. "Science" such as astrology does not need the centrality of the earth or logic of any kind to justify itself. Astrology stems from people's inner need to believe in certain qualities that they have without having to make an effort to achieve them. What is more fun to know that you are thought to be able to do several jobs at the same time just because you were born under the sign of Gemini or that you are brave just because you were born under the sign of Leo.
    But unlike many others, I believe that people adjust themselves to what they think of them, for example, if everyone around me thinks I'm brave, then it's possible that the psychological pressure around me will make me dare and maybe even end up being brave. That's my opinion.
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

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