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UNESCO award to the Volcanic Institute for contribution to life sciences research

The Volcani Institute, which develops most of the applied agricultural research in Israel, won the 2017 UNESCO prize for its contribution to life sciences research. This is the first time that Israel has won this award.

The picture has nothing to do with the article. Illustration: Joi Ito.
Illustration. The photographed greenhouse is not related to the news. Photo: Joe Ito.

The "UNESCO and Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Life Sciences Research" is awarded by UNESCO to individuals and institutions working in the field of life sciences to improve the quality of life in the world. This is the first time that Israel has won this award in the life sciences category. The prize will be awarded to the Vulcani Institute during an official ceremony in December.

The award was given to the Volcani Institute for an exceptional contribution to research in the field of life sciences and for the promotion of research areas that contribute to the well-being of all humanity. The Volcanic Institute was selected by an international panel of judges that includes world-renowned experts in the life sciences.

The institute develops most of the applied agricultural research in the State of Israel and provides a scientific infrastructure for the agricultural industry in the country. Many of the innovations developed in the Agricultural Research Directorate are already being implemented at the commercial level in Israel and around the world. The application is especially expressed in areas such as: protected crops (greenhouses), irrigation, agriculture in arid areas, treatment of produce after harvest, plant protection, mechanization and new varieties of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants.

The Volcanic Institute is a global knowledge center in various fields and engages in the training of wage earners and graduate students. The knowledge is used by different countries to build a better agricultural infrastructure on an industrial and technological basis.

Prof. Eli Feinerman, Head of the Agricultural Research Administration - Vulcani Center: "Human capital is our most important resource and thanks to first-class researchers and research supporters, the State of Israel is blessed with highly capable agriculture, and innovation that is appreciated worldwide. The win is a tremendous achievement for the country and illustrates our contribution not only to science, agriculture and the environment, but also to regional and international cooperation for the sake of ensuring security - food for future generations and improving well-being in the world."

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