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UN report - a ban on human cloning is needed

Previous attempts to reach a binding agreement failed due to disagreements over whether to ban all cloning or allow cloning for stem cell research

Human cloning. Image:
Human cloning. Image:

The international community faces a grave choice: ban human cloning or prepare to create cloned humans, UN researchers said on Saturday.

Previous attempts to reach a binding agreement failed due to disagreements over whether to ban all cloning or allow cloning for stem cell research.

The best solution may be to ban human cloning but allow countries to conduct controlled and supervised therapeutic research, including stem cell research, according to a report by the United Nations University Institute in Japan for Advanced Research.

Almost all countries have expressed opposition to human cloning and over 50 countries have enacted laws prohibiting it. However, the lack of a restrictive treaty provided scientists with an opening to conduct research in countries where the ban does not exist. "Failure to outlaw human cloning means that it is only a matter of time until cloned humans roam the earth," says Brandon Tobin, a human rights lawyer who co-authored the report.

If the compromise proposal fails, the international community may take responsibility and grant full human rights to every clone," he said.

Supporters of cloning research claim that the proposal gives hope for the possibility of producing replacement tissues for the needs of curing diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and diabetes. The report recommends allowing the cloning of cells for research - but not cloning intended for the birth of a person or an animal. The convention calls for tight control to prevent the uncontrolled creation and destruction of embryos.

And it was said that this is what happens when lawyers are allowed to practice in a field that does not belong to them. After all, according to the same logic, identical twins also have a problem. In Israel, the Knesset enacted a law that prohibits cloning for reproductive purposes, but does not prohibit stem cell research, the law is in effect until March 2009, and that too only because the Knesset's science committee at that time had a majority of lawyers over scientists. However, the situation is better than in the US, where federal funding for stem cell research is banned.

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  1. Jonathan, blaming evolution for causing evil is like blaming the theory of relativity for the inspiration to drop atomic bombs, evolution is pure science and by the way, Hitler was not an atheist before you preach to others to learn history, brush yourself first.

  2. Once a cloned person is born. The intelligence of humans will rise to a high level.. A cloned person will begin to enter into philosophical questions about God and his creator.. and thus the religions will be insulted and move to the side as if they were under punishment. In any case, I am in favor of research and in favor of cloned humans and curing diseases thanks to research on cells and their creation.

  3. Jonathan/Gil –

    If your arguments weren't so sad, it would be almost funny. You will learn to search on Google, for starters, instead of establishing positions and deciding that they are correct.

    If I do not expand my arguments, it is only because I have already learned that there is no point in arguing with you. You don't respond with logical answers, and I find no point in wasting my time with responses that are pages long (as I did on the subject of evolution). What's the point? After all, you are simply ignoring what I write, and I have more important things to do than shout into the empty air.

    I will not degenerate into exchanging mutual insults or try to guess who you are and what you do. The fact that you're trying to do this in a reasonable discussion says more about you than me.

    Good Day,

    Roy Cezana.

  4. Dear Roy, Hello.
    A. You are not Roy Cezana, because there is no person with such a name in Israel. It may be a pen name but that's your business.
    B. I am surprised that you call yourself a "scientist". First, no real scientist calls himself a "scientist".
    Secondly, the analysis of your reactions and the way of thinking and expression point to a lovable and intelligent boy who, unlike his friends, is taking advantage of the teachers' strike for positive activity, and who may one day be a scientist. This is not the first time that you use to pull out of your sleeve vague and comprehensive arguments without explanations and references as convincing proof, for assumptions that did not exist and were not created. If you had any scientific background you would know that this is not the way of science.
    Do you wish to claim that the murder of the six million Jews by the devil Hitler, named after him, was another one of many routine acts in history? If so, then what are they and why don't you give examples like I did?

  5. There is a thing called 'basic respect', Jonathan/Gil, and it's a shame you don't try it. I will ignore your stings about my father and me, but what is most shocking to me is that you take murders and massacres and show only half of the picture. You ignore all the murders done in the name of God at various places in human history. These murders would have been no less than those that Hitler and Stalin committed, if the technology (such as trains, prisons and camps) had been developed to the same extent in those periods.

    So please, before you use the memory of people who died in agony to emphasize a wrong point, check your sources a little better, and try to show the whole picture.

    and a little Just a little shame.

  6. Dear Mr. Svardamish
    It's good that I was able to convince you of the possibility of God's existence. It is important to question everything included in the theory of evolution.
    Where did you get that I called Roy Cezana a "fool"? Unless you believe that Roy is blindly enthusiastic about human cloning.
    Regarding my father - I didn't say he was shallow. I just gave a hint. Anyway, to get your mind, from now on I will keep a small statue of Avi Blizovsky in the yard and bow to it twice a day.
    Do you happen to know where you can get a statue like this?

  7. To complete the picture, it should be noted that the genocide in Rwanda was also done on a racial basis ("ie: "Darwinist").

  8. Although my previous response appeared under the title of "anonymous participant", there was no evolutionary intention here.
    God's hand was at work.
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  9. Dear Jonathan
    When I read your divine responses I am sure that only God can be the one who created you. No evolution in the world could have succeeded in creating a personality like you in five billion years.
    Only a divine creator would have succeeded in creating a brainwashed personality like you, who sees religion as the glory of creation.
    How is an evolutionary being able to assume the divine statement that religion restrains Bin Laden?
    How are you able to assume that Ahmadinejad will not commit an act of divine slaughter of infidels in spite of Islam with the non-evolutionary holy jihad.
    And you dare to call the commenters likeRoey Tsezana fools???
    And you dare to insinuate that Avi Blizovsky, with the thousands of articles he collected on the science website, is shallow??
    You will be disappointed.
    Mr. Jonathan, you are the proof that God, when he created you, also brought stupidity to a divine level.

    Have a good day to you and to all the people of Israel
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  10. Gil/Jonathan the Bored,

    If you want to see who I am, I suggest you go to Google and search for 'Roi Cezana'. You will find more than enough proof of my existence. I can't say the same about you, Gil/Yonathan.

  11. To Roy Cezana (or whoever it is).
    The connection is expressed in the fact that, "coincidentally", almost everyone who is blindly enthusiastic about cloning human embryos is also a foolish follower of the theory of evolution.

  12. Hello my dear father.
    Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and the Chinese "Cultural Revolution" gang, all devout atheists, murdered more people in a very short period of time (which surprisingly began shortly after the publication of the theory of evolution) than in all the wars and "private" murders since the dawn of human history. together.
    It seems that religions (with the exception of satanic cults and the like) play, among other things, an important role in curbing human aggression. It is certain that neither Laden nor Ahmadinejad would commit mass murder on such a scale if they had the opportunity.
    To completely rule out the theory of evolution due to this fact alone would amount to demagoguery, but on the other hand to claim that religion is the root of evil in the world is not only demagoguery but also a blatant lie.
    Abby, I understand that all your time is devoted to reading popular science literature, it is good considering your occupation, but I advise you not to neglect other fields such as history and philosophy because the things are related to each other. I think Richard Dawkins also suffers from a similar problem.

  13. What is the connection between the theory of evolution and clones? How did you come to the conclusion that 'cloning is a direct continuation of evolution'?

  14. To complete the picture - capitalism, especially the swine, is also based, among other things, on the principles of Darwinian evolution.
    It seems to me that if there is a Nobel Prize in Hell, then Darwin won it big time.

  15. Please calm down!
    The problem of pairing the clones can be solved by prohibiting them from passing a certain number... and all the clones from the same garden will be considered a family and they will be prohibited from marrying each other!!
    What is better is adding improvement features for different needs than complete cloning!

  16. Nothing will help. Creating cloned humans will give an advantage to dictators and regimes of all kinds. These will use the colonies for their dark plans such as the army and the like.
    This would require less extreme regimes to create counter clones.
    It pains me to think that my future descendants, like my dear granddaughter, will have to confront and compete with clones who will have an advantage.
    For example, employers will prefer them, because they will appear with a business card of their improved qualities.

    A few words about Jonathan's response

    We, the people who believe in evolution, must not ignore an important fact that cloning is a direct continuation of evolution. In fact what is happening here is that the clones become the creators of the clones, their god!
    Necessary conclusion:- Creationism is a direct continuation of evolution, and defiantly we can also say that creationism is the pinnacle of evolution. Remember that I say the last sentence even though I believe in evolution.

    For those who are interested, I would like to refer you to a story in my journal that I wrote here on the science website called "Dissertation in Astronomy" about a student named Eli who creates intelligent productions as part of his thesis. The story appears in the file of my articles on the website:-

    The story was also turned into a short film called "The Research" directed by Shahar Arieli. For those interested, details on Google.

    Have a good and pleasant morning
    With beautiful sun, and without clones

    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  17. What does it matter if you clone humans or sheep?
    After all, they are both mammals that were created, as most scientists claim today, in an almost identical evolutionary process, and the DNA differences between them are minimal.
    When there is no God and everything is the hand of chance and nature - this is the inevitable result. Like Hitler and Stalin, the great atheists of the twentieth century, who murdered more people than all the murderers and wars combined. Factually, the common basis of Nazism and Communism is the theory of evolution.
    Could it be that the theory of evolution is the root of all evil? On the weight of Dawkins' words.

  18. What is the problem with the human tribe?
    What will come out if they allow, that they take a "perfect" human and duplicate him.

    And then what will happen when there will be a lot of people the same.
    Once there is a disease, this entire population will die.

    What about a wedding?
    After all, we already know what happens when relatives marry together, the births come out defective.
    So if it's not close, but the exact same thing? What will happen then?
    Just guess.

  19. In the United States, they have been developing new soldiers for over a decade
    Those with hearing and sense of smell like prey animals.

  20. Cloned humans are already roaming the earth.
    It is only a matter of time until the 50 states that have enacted laws prohibiting this will admit the true facts.

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