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Two female researchers from the Hebrew University won a research grant of 250,000 euros each from the German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Israel is the only country with two representations in Persia

Prof. Michal Biran, photo: The Hebrew University
Prof. Michal Biran, photo: The Hebrew University

The head of the Friberg Center for East Asian Studies, Prof. Michal Biran and Prof. Eva Iloz from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology (currently the president of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design) won the prestigious Annalisa Meyer research grant from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany. Each received 250,000 euros to conduct joint research with researchers from Germany over the next five years.

Prof. Byrne and Prof. Iloz join five other researchers from five different countries who won this year's grant. The seven winners were chosen from 54 candidates from 26 countries.

Prof. Byrne has a worldwide reputation as an expert on the history of the Eurasian continent between the 14th and XNUMXth centuries AD. As part of the research grant, she will collaborate with researchers from the University of Bonn in Germany and investigate the capital of the United Mongol Empire and the East-West relations during the empire. "I welcome the opportunity to build collaborations with leading researchers from around the world. In addition, the award will allow me to establish a school for the comparative study of empires together with Prof. Yuri Pines from the Department of Asian Studies and colleagues in Berlin and Bonn."

Recently Prof. Byrne also won an ERC grant for a project to map and analyze the transit of people, ideas and goods throughout the Old World (Europe, Asia and Africa) in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Prof. Iloz is among the leading sociologists in the world. In her research, she examines the impact of modern culture and capitalism on relationships. As part of the grant, Prof. Iloz will team up with researchers from the University of Frankfurt to investigate the philosophical and sociological aspects of "authenticity" in contemporary culture. “This is a great surprise for me; The award will allow me to expand the scope of my research, but its main meaning for me is the opportunity to work closely with Prof. Dr. Axel Honneth, the heir and the most significant representative of the critical theory of the Frankfurt School, and together we hope to offer a new perspective on the sociological and philosophical significance of the concept of authenticity ".

According to the university's president, Prof. Menachem Ben-Shashon, "These grants reflect the continued growth of Israeli-German collaborations in research and higher education. The whole world, and Israel and Germany in particular, are reaping the fruits of the collaborations between the excellent researchers of the Hebrew University and their German colleagues."

Prof. Eva Iloz. Photo: The Hebrew University
Prof. Eva Iloz. Photo: The Hebrew University

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation was founded by the German government in order to promote international academic cooperation between Germany and the rest of the world. Every year, the foundation distributes up to eight Annalisa Meyer research grants (historian and philosopher from the XNUMXth century who studied the development of modern science) to prominent researchers in the social sciences and the humanities, culture, law and economics from around the world.

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  1. Avi:

    For example, there is an important article that you might consider mentioning on the site.
    On Friday there was an article in "7 Days". The discovery is not in complete contradiction to the Big Bang, but this enormous size, 1600 times that of the Milky Way galaxy, is currently not understood according to the Big Bang theory. If everything started at a small point, the distribution should be more uniform, according to the scientists, and not "supposed" to be huge structures like the above.
    Israeli Dr. Yigal Fat commented on the discovery and its implications for the theory of relativity. I dare to think that there is more here than meets the eye, but we will allow you to align with the mainstream that believes that we need to better understand the Big Bang.

  2. In light of the previous response. Kudos to them for receiving a scholarship in the humanities, and may they give us a good name.
    I was forced to take one course in sociology: planning studies according to models
    sociological. What do I have to say about that? It is not quite like the engineering sciences.
    There are things I liked less. The lecturer has knowledge of what is right. The answer in my opinion is not deterministic.
    If I don't think like him, he rejects the answer. Another thing: the models are not absolute truth, and the popular model
    It's a bit of a trend. What do I have to say in favor of the humanities?
    But it is no easier than engineering and there is a lot of logic and analytical ability here.
    Sociology test - it's hard for me to pass, maybe because I have a background in exact sciences. I got 84. I worked really hard for it.
    It is sad that the people who made us a holocaust, understand that without a past there is no future and invest money in such studies. That is
    Indeed they are enlightened. It is true that they should not invest 9% of GDP in security, but this is not the only reason.
    In my opinion, we are also doing things wrong.
    It seems to me that the Nazis also documented the Jewish culture that would remain after the elimination of European Jewry.

    I would be happy if, in my studies in engineering, we were forced to be taught, a little of Plato's writings, a little of the Western philosophers. The cradle of Western culture, thanks to which all research students have the legitimacy to investigate, is in grass science.
    It is clear that you can complete the reading.

    Another guess. On the theoretical level, I was debating whether to work for a German research grant.
    The Germans fund a lot of Israeli academic R&D that you don't hear about. PTB, DKD, SIEMENS.
    The answer: on the practical level there is no choice and I will take it. That is, even then, you hardly get grants.

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