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For the first time, NASA activated a tool designed to discover planets many light years away on an object in the solar system, in a study of the winds of Jupiter
Sediment studies in the Mediterranean reveal the existence of a green corridor in the Sahara desert that emerged at the exact time when our ancestors migrated from Africa about 2.1 million years ago
In the new study, evidence for additional sources of chemical energy, much stronger and more diverse than methane production, was discovered: a group of organic compounds was found that were oxidized, and this points to many chemical pathways for the existence of potential life in the subsurface ocean of Enceladus, because oxidation helps to release chemical energy.
The vehicle discovered a wide variety of heavy elements, but this is the first evidence of the presence of sulfur * The rover will tour the south pole of the moon for two weeks and look for signs of water ice
What will happen to all our stuff? What will happen to our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods, our cities? Who will feed the dog? Who will cut the grass? Although it's a common theme in movies, TV shows, and books, the end of humanity is still a strange thing to think about
The children of the Maasai tribe herd the cattle Illustration:
When were the first water wells dug? Who was the first royal to sit on a toilet? What made the Parisians build sewers and when did we get the token that water quality is related to our health? We came to flood
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