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For the first time, NASA activated a tool designed to discover planets many light years away on an object in the solar system, in a study of the winds of Jupiter
The discovery of an S-shaped galaxy could revolutionize the understanding of the process of star formation
The European Space Agency gets the green light for the first space observatory of its kind, dedicated to revealing space-time vibrations.
The two-dimensional reflection of the galaxies in the night sky does not say much about the real distances between the galaxies and between them and the Earth
In addition to bringing the first sample collected from Mars to Earth, this very complex mission will include the first launch from the soil of another planet, and also the first rendezvous in orbit around another planet. The return of the samples from Mars is a partnership with ESA (European Space Agency)
A few weeks ago, the astronaut Sultan Al Nyadi participated in a sleep laboratory experiment on the space station
It will be equipped with a docking device that will allow connecting and 'towing' satellites and launchers and taking them off course
A blue-and-white device that was created especially for an experiment by Weizmann Institute of Science scientists was launched to the planet Jupiter, as part of an international research mission of the European Space Agency
The launch at Coro in French Guiana was postponed from yesterday due to weather conditions * The spacecraft is carrying ten instruments, some of which are also made in Israel * Will arrive in the Zedek system in July 2031
The purpose of the operation - to find out if the oceans hidden beneath the surface of Jupiter's icy moons have the potential to support extraterrestrial life
The European Space Agency ESA will launch on 13/4 the JUICE spacecraft on the historic mission to Jupiter, with technologies and scientific research funded by the Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology
On October 25, 2022, the European Space Agency's Probe-2 spacecraft recorded two partial solar eclipses. This picture depicts one of them. See the video below in a higher resolution. Photo: European Space Agency
The European Space Agency's station in Tenerife is a technology testing facility and an essential first step in making waste reduction widely accessible to all players in space who have an impact on the future of our space environment * It will be able to track satellites even in the sky today
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