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The Seven expressed their concern over the hesitant responses of the institutions' leadership to condemn the calls for genocide
In 2009, at Sapir College, a seminar was held about the consequences of continuous exposure to the trauma of terrorism, among citizens in the settlements of Sderot and the Gaza Strip * The findings of Prof. Avi Besar from Sapir College, Prof. Beatrice Friel from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Prof. Yuval Neria from Columbia University in New York USA, the concerns are confirmed
Prof. Robert Goldman, an expert on the laws of war at the American University, explains how the laws of war apply to the current conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip
I read the identification you (#GretaThunberg) expressed with Gaza and Hamas, and I feel deep sorrow and pity for your painful blindness. We both live out of an environmental ideology, but while you were in a safe place - my life and the lives of those dear to me were in existential danger. A resident of Kibbutz Nir-Am and an environmentalist writes to climate activist Greta Thunberg
A letter sent by the top of the Weizmann Institute to colleagues in academia around the world requesting that they not evade the condemnation of terrorism on 7/20/32
Javed Ali, Associate Professor of Counterterrorism, Domestic Terrorism, Cyber, and National Security at the University of Michigan answers questions THE CONVERSATION
All the universities in Israel are dealing this week with students who expressed support for Hamas on social networks and announced that they will act against such students. The president of Tel Aviv University joins the call for universities around the world to punish students and faculty members who expressed support for Hamas
The committee of heads of universities sent a letter to its colleagues in the world to act against anti-Semitism during the war (document inside)
The debate on whether human nature is good or bad from youth is an ancient one, Ehud Amir believes that even though it may seem the other way around, human nature is good from youth and the bad are the exceptions. Part one of a five-part series that will be published daily
Deepfaked movies can cause harm to real people who appear in them and even cause wars between countries. No wonder the US and the EU recognized Deep Fake as an immediate threat to democracy
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