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Lior Harman - co-founder of TYPE5 VC Space Tech Group: The space market in Israel generates tens of millions of dollars - a relatively small figure compared to the inherent potential in this field and certainly compared to the countries of the world. 
Satellite manufacturers, spacecraft operators, and the like, should receive specific and verifiable commitments to limit the number of objects in space in practice, and not just the predicted number of abandoned objects they produce during their activity, and to include in the planning the waste disposal at the end of the vessel's life
Israel Aerospace Industries has signed an agreement with the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Ministry of Science and Technology under which it will design, develop and build the first Israeli astronomical observation satellite
The innovative design comes with special features to support the astronauts as they conduct scientific experiments on the surface of the moon as well as the women who will be one of the first crew to land. NASA hopes to have the updated suit ready for the Artemis III moon mission in 2025
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