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sea ​​pollution

The research shows that microplastic pollution is a universal phenomenon that is common everywhere, even in the most isolated regions of the world. Further research is needed to understand the effects of this pollution on human health and the environment
Plastic continues to dominate every good plot: new research reveals that the amount of microscopic plastic on the ocean floor has tripled in just 20 years. Moreover, the microplastic at the bottom of the sea almost did not crumble or break down even after decades
Minister of Environmental Protection Gila Gamaliel: "We have located the crude oil tanker that polluted the shores of Israel. It is owned by a Libyan and was carrying cargo from Iran to Syria. We will settle accounts with the environmental criminal who polluted the shores of our country, and we will demand compensation on behalf of all Israeli citizens for the damage to health, nature, animals and the landscape."
It is estimated that this is waste that was ejected from a tanker during the storm that hit the area in the middle of last week * The Minister of Environmental Protection, Gila Gamaliel, in an assessment of the situation with the heads of the coastal authorities: "This is an event of a magnitude that we have not seen in years. We are doing everything to find the person responsible for the destruction of the beaches and the human harm in the animals"
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