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Satellites and drones can provide vital information that can contribute to the protection of pollinators in nature. New research examines new ways of utilizing these technologies in order to track the availability of flowers, when research
The BlueWalker 3 satellite whose antenna area is 64 square meters has become one of the brightest objects in the night sky, the fear is that when there are a hundred satellites in this constellation and hundreds in other constellations it will be impossible to watch the sky
What could aliens pick up from the radio leak from Earth? How would Earth look to an alien civilization light years away from us?
Astroscale's collaboration with the Momentos company offers NASA a commercial solution that will allow the famous satellite - which recently celebrated its 33rd birthday - to be attached and towed to an orbit that will also be cleaned of space debris
Satellite manufacturers, spacecraft operators and the like need to make specific and verifiable commitments to limit the number of objects actually in space, not just the predicted number of abandoned objects they produce.
If the Russian government is able to build the laser, it will be able to protect a large part of the country from observation by satellites with optical sensors. Technology also sets the stage for the more threatening possibility
The European Space Agency station in Tenerife is a technology testing facility and an essential first step in making waste reduction widely accessible to all actors in space who have an impact on the future of our space environment *
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