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A researcher at the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University investigates whether we will soon be able to eat what we want without guilt?
Opinion: Despite the objections of experts and residents, these days the Prime Minister's Office is examining the expansion of the transportation of the oil of Ketsa'a; In light of the dangers involved in a course of this kind - it seems that our government has it simple
Forecasting dust storms is a complicated matter. A new study was able to predict storms in our region with a high level of accuracy - and thereby outline how artificial intelligence can be harnessed to understand processes in the atmosphere
According to preliminary research, we have already passed most of the limits of resource utilization. The world's resources, including the climate, biodiversity, water systems and other natural resources, have exceeded their limits and reached catastrophic levels. is there a way
The State Comptroller's report indicates: the scope of the use of pesticides, which are designed to overcome the problem of pests, is increasing significantly - and harming the health of Israeli consumers. So what do we do? Learn to spray differently
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